Mortal Engines [Blu-ray] Thoughts

It’s been a while I last was hyped for a movie. I love post-apocalypse media. Was excited to watch this and glad that I did. I bought the Blu-ray version off Amazon which came with a free DVD as well.

You get introduced to the world in the opening dialogue, although I wish actual footage was showing. The action took over and we start from there. The movie balances action with the story without going over with the former or too deep with the latter. Anyone can pick this up and enjoy it. There are no deep philosophical ideas here which is a good thing.

The settings and colour are balanced as well. You have this overall filter to set the mood for the world which change a bit as the story moves forward. The characters are balanced although some basically disappear later to never be heard from again. The sound effects and music are OK. Nothing ground-breaking although it has its moments.

All in all, a great movie. It goes for $7 for Blu-Ray and $12 for 4K. I highly recommend picking the physical disk and watch it with all the details as opposed to streaming it (If it’s on Netflix/Prime). There is something about owning physical media that makes the movie more enjoyable plus you focus more.

As a side note, I just realised that this was based on a novel. I will pick it up on Audible for sure.

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