Rumored Slim PS4 coming this year?

ps4-slimRumors of a new slimmer PS4 version started coming in stronger than ever and with a good reason. Sony had updated versions across all the Play Stations released starting from the very first and ending with a PS3.

And while I’m not shocked, I am little surprised and happy that a new cheaper model is coming out. Just in time for me to grab on as I spend the money on upgrading my old PC which I will have to upgrade again due to an error on my side. All in all, this is a great news for both Sony and the consumer as upgrades and discounts are always welcomed.

I expect the new model to have hard buttons as opposite to the touch to save cost as well as cheaper plastic feel but you cant complain when buying a reengineered cheaper model especially if they lower the price to a reasonable level.

I’m closely following this news as I’m excited to finally grab a next gen Play Station system after totally skipping PS3 (I used my brother’s console). More news as they come.

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