Starting this post with a fact that I am the biggest Resident Evil fan there is. I own most of the Resident Evil games on multi platforms and still hunt the remaining ones on eBay and local sellers. With that out of the way, lets get into my first impression after playing Resident Evil 6 on Xbox 360.

re6Growing up with Resident Evil 1 and on made me love the franchise more and more until part 4 and 5. It is when the formula totally changed and the game became something else with the Resident Evil name. I started Resident Evil 6 playing as Chris; the old school Resident Evil 1 hero who started taking steroids from RE5 and onward.

The controls felt broken and un resident evil like although I got used to them in 30 minutes. The new inventory system is confusing and time consuming. Why couldn’t they keep the RE 5 inventory system is beyond me.

The first chapter was not that great to begin with as it seemed very repetitive and boring. As I finished it and moved on to the second, things started to change for the better. I am now more familiarized with the system and the enlivenment but the thing is, I cant but feel that I am playing a 3rd person Call of duty game. The squad command is not helping either. Resident Evil was always about 1 guy getting into trouble in a no man zone. Running around a group of solders is not Resident Evil.

Never the less, I am enjoy so far and my brother who has completed the game is saying that things will get better. Hoping for the best. Out.

Now hold on, before you rage let me make it clear: I bought the game shortly after release but did not understand the idea of it so I left it alone. Years later my brother was playing the call of duty zombie mode and I immediately realized how fun would killing floor be.

KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-20-09-809Wasting no time I downloaded the game again and bought all the DLCs pack as they were on sale and sent a gift version to my brother. Hours after I came to conclusion that I missed a great game and was glad I give it a second chance.

The problem is, I am new to such type of games so I started learning and practicing. Of curse all of my sessions were offline as my internet is not stable enough. The game is very hard, even on beginner as I’m struggling to defeat the first boss but I kept on playing and will continue to do so. I may pick KF2 when its released but for now I’m enjoying this great game.

Waiting for my brother to fix his PC so he can join me in killing the freaks. Recommended to all.

KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-20-20-664

KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-20-25-125 KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-21-46-766

Buying and upgrading weapons as you collect cash and glory. The game offers allot of different weapons even without the DLC.KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-22-23-961 KillingFloor 2014-07-20 00-31-01-245Everything is simple when you have a rocket launcher.


It’s no secret that the legendary Sting was negotiating his WWE contract for some time now, what surprised me is him being announced for the upcoming WWE game without his presence. Now I understand him coming out, announcing his game and leaving without any fights is pointless but it was wired.


To be honest, I have mixed feelings about his WWE debut; First, the WWE did not respect or use any wCw stars once the purchase was made. All the former wCw stars became jobbers except for the later once like Goldberg and maybe Scott Steiner. Even Eric Bischoff was humiliated. Sting himself said that going to WWE is a gambling and he did not trust how WWE would use him and with Cena burying everyone left and right I must say I’m worried.

The last thing I want to see is Sting being destroyed and humiliated by Cena and with taker out of the picture I don’t see any good thing coming out of this except the cash.

stingOnce other thing that pisses me off; Why is Cena on the cover when a big time legend like Sting is making his announcement on joining the company?


My personal take? He should have stayed in TNA or maybe help the upcoming Global Force. Of course I may be wrong but we shell see. All the best for the Stinger.