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When Windows 8 was first announced I had mixed emotions as I was perfectly happy with Windows 7’s performance. But with increase urge to try the next big thing and with the help of my brother who kept on praising W8 I finally made the switch and boy, was I impressed.

Before going forward, I would like to make it clear that the looks play big part in me deciding to try something out. I know it is stupid but that’s how I am. What made me love Windows 8 is the beautiful design along with a noticeable boost in performance in gaming. As a PC gamer every fops counts and I must say I had about 10 or more FPS increase. I am yet to update to 8.1 as I read horror stories about games not working and what not so that’s for the future.

Now what bothered me about Windows 8 is the tablet interface. I know I can easily get out but with the lack of the Start button which I tend to use allot the experience got downgraded for me. Apart from that everything was good although I still think Microsoft Store looks and feels strange.

Now Windows 9 is announced with the possible return of the Start button and I am excited again. What I expect is another increase performance with more beautiful designs and from the rumors and little news I think I will be getting just that. I know I can add the start button to Windows 8 but the original ingratiated Windows 9 design looks amazing. Mark my words; I will be switching, just not right away as I first need to confirm the gaming performance hit or increase.

w9 2

Credit: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Windows-9-Desktop-Concept-Looks-Suspiciously-Like-a-Linux-One-398582.shtml

Another beautiful concept floating around the web. Just look at this beauty. Years ago when I was using Windows 95 I always thought why cant PC operating system look beautiful. Now I can smile as my wish came true. Nothing comes close to this design and certainly not OSX which I am using for over a year and hatting every part of.

Let us all hope that my predictions about Windows 9 turns out true ;J

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