My dream has finally come true; Resident Evil remake is coming in 2015 to the PC along with everything else as a Remastered version.


Imagine the possibilities with mods and graphics upgrade on the best Resident Evil ever? Yes I do believe Resident Evil one is the best Resident Evil ever and getting a true remake is a dream come true. Awaiting this with patience.



You heard it right. Sony as a company forgot to renew one of its core websites domain resulting in most of the games to go offline as well as a number of support forums. Hold on and let that sink in. So one of the biggest companies simply forgot to renew a website contract critical to online gaming and forums?

After reading the news, all I picture is this:


Yet people still defend Sony and its dying brand of gaming that did nothing for gaming since the PS2 and keep on bashing the Xbox. Amazing news. I had hoped that this would have been a trolling article or an April’s fool news but not, its as real as Sony gets.

It’s no secret that the legendary Sting was negotiating his WWE contract for some time now, what surprised me is him being announced for the upcoming WWE game without his presence. Now I understand him coming out, announcing his game and leaving without any fights is pointless but it was wired.


To be honest, I have mixed feelings about his WWE debut; First, the WWE did not respect or use any wCw stars once the purchase was made. All the former wCw stars became jobbers except for the later once like Goldberg and maybe Scott Steiner. Even Eric Bischoff was humiliated. Sting himself said that going to WWE is a gambling and he did not trust how WWE would use him and with Cena burying everyone left and right I must say I’m worried.

The last thing I want to see is Sting being destroyed and humiliated by Cena and with taker out of the picture I don’t see any good thing coming out of this except the cash.

stingOnce other thing that pisses me off; Why is Cena on the cover when a big time legend like Sting is making his announcement on joining the company?


My personal take? He should have stayed in TNA or maybe help the upcoming Global Force. Of course I may be wrong but we shell see. All the best for the Stinger.