The Walking Dead Season 5 ep1 Review

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is king of zombie movies, no question asked but the show got little repetitive for me and I started to lose hope. Season 5 brought back danger, action and with it mayhem, but was it good enough? For starters I would like to point the obvious spoiler alert. Now, The Walking Dead was always about danger from Zombies AND Humans alike picturing a perfect post apocalypses world where everything and everyone is trying to kill you. I was happy when The boring and annoying Governor finally got killed, although I wasn’t happy with the person who killed him or how he was killed but that’s another topic.

Any way, when the prison was overrun and they got nowhere to go, I go excited that we will now move forward instead of the same thing over and over. When the guy with the supposed cure showed up, I got even more excited as I was looking forward for a twist. The final thing that got me nervous was the Terminus, an evil looking place. Season 5 came and with it Terminus only to be a generic, quick story with little to no emotion. Now that the place is destroyed which happened too fast if you ask me, that leaves me with another thing to worry about; Governor 2.0.

Dear God, please don’t let this be the same stuff again, the surviving boss of the Terminus will reform and hunt down the survives. Rick said that he will finish off the reaming of the gang but I’m still not sure if he will actually do it or is it just for the sake of drama.

Dont get me wrong, the action was good and I’m glad the group is back together but I’m expecting new and creative storytelling this time around. I want them to get to Washington DC and actually manage to find the cure. Applying it is a different story and a new adventure.

the walking dead season 5

Another thing that I wish would happen but highly unlikely is: A boss. A Resident Evil nemesis like boss. This can only happen if the story is shifted to a company creating a virus that infects people for military use but seeing how the current story is going this is highly unlikely. The Walking Dead is trying to stay as realistic as possible and I understand that but it is a Zombie show and things need to happen. If you want a realistic post apocalypse movie, go watch The Road. Back to my main point; We are now at Season 5, meaning at least half way to the end assuming it will get 10 seasons. Up to this point, there were no -in my opinion- ground breaking shocking moment and the show feels like its going nowhere at times.

I’m no script writer or movie director although I directed home made movies and edited allot of my Skating clips but as a fan and zombie/science geek I cant help but feel more can be achieved. I also think that the show should start getting more aggressive like the comic. Yes I haven’t read them all but from what I did the deaths and general story feels more aggressive although I could be just imagining things if that makes scenes.

I know we are just at the start of the season but future episodes should be just as action and story orientated as the first one. No more meaningless episodes until the final one aka season 3. Rant and hopes aside, The Walking Dead is an overall well done show and I really enjoyed it and will continue to watch it although in my opinion, Lost is still the greatest show ever made minus the stupid ending.

Any way, let me know what you think..


The Walking Dead game impression

I just finished the walking dead point and click game (Steam) and man, its what I expected and more.


First of all, the game is biased on the comic meaning staying true to the root while adding its own style. The story is exciting and the graphics look amazing. There are choices to be made and decisions to consider as the game changes (kinda ) depending on how you play and while there is not much to control you will be more happy to uncovering the next chapter as you move on. In total, there are 5 episodes which are of normal length except the fifth one which is kinda short compared to the others.


Overall, the game is exciting and the short but fun DLC 400 days is out as well. The next game Session 2 is almost out which continues the story even further. One thing is for sure, I’m grabbing it as soon as it comes. A must buy for any point and click/walking dead fans plus the price is really love.

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The Walking Dead Challenge Day 12

How does Walking Dead compare to other shows/movies about zombies? 

I think its very decent as there aren’t many good Zombie movies. The only issue I have is that they keep calling them Walkers instead of Zombies.

The walking Dead challenge

As seen, I failed continuing the 30 day challenge on timely matter, never the less I tend to continue starting right now. I’m also intend to blog more as I’m starting new projects and learning new skills. Any way, back to today’s challenge;

Favorite scene? Why? 

Is it wrong to say I don’t have anything in mind? Dont get me wrong, the show is great but I cant think of any special moment. 

The walking Dead challenge Day 11

What Walker kill scene has been the best? Why? 

Anything with a screw to the eye lol. Seriously, as much as I like WD there wasn’t any dramatic waker kill scene which came as a surprise considering its all about killing. 

The Walking Dead Day 8 Challenge

8.) If you could have one person on the show as your partner during the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why? 

Cant decide if its Rick or Daryl. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Rick likes to take control while Daryl can be hard to handle.