I just finished the walking dead point and click game (Steam) and man, its what I expected and more.


First of all, the game is biased on the comic meaning staying true to the root while adding its own style. The story is exciting and the graphics look amazing. There are choices to be made and decisions to consider as the game changes (kinda ) depending on how you play and while there is not much to control you will be more happy to uncovering the next chapter as you move on. In total, there are 5 episodes which are of normal length except the fifth one which is kinda short compared to the others.


Overall, the game is exciting and the short but fun DLC 400 days is out as well. The next game Session 2 is almost out which continues the story even further. One thing is for sure, I’m grabbing it as soon as it comes. A must buy for any point and click/walking dead fans plus the price is really love.

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