The Walking Dead is king of zombie movies, no question asked but the show got little repetitive for me and I started to lose hope. Season 5 brought back danger, action and with it mayhem, but was it good enough? For starters I would like to point the obvious spoiler alert. Now, The Walking Dead was Read More →

I just finished the walking dead point and click game (Steam) and man, its what I expected and more. First of all, the game is biased on the comic meaning staying true to the root while adding its own style. The story is exciting and the graphics look amazing. There are choices to be made and decisions to consider as the game changes Read More →

As seen, I failed continuing the 30 day challenge on timely matter, never the less I tend to continue starting right now. I’m also intend to blog more as I’m starting new projects and learning new skills. Any way, back to today’s challenge; Favorite scene? Why?  Is it wrong to say I don’t have anything in mind? Dont get me wrong, the show is great but I Read More →

8.) If you could have one person on the show as your partner during the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why?  Cant decide if its Rick or Daryl. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Rick likes to take control while Daryl can be hard to handle. 

The Walking Dead Day 6 Challenge

6.) Has there been any specific walker that scared you the most? Why?

To be honest non, but if I must chose one I would go with Shane. Not only its kinda disturbing to watch a man character return and join the zombie side, his face had a smile when he was walking toward Rick.