For those of you still waiting to jump on the next Gen -Technically this Gen- now is your chance. Microsoft now lowered the Xbox One’s price to $349 with free game(s) and that is an amazing offer. You can even get two full games should you go with the assassins creed bundle. True both of Read More →

What was once an unstoppable leading force is a straggling company today. Who would have thought that Resident Evil would become absolute trash, Street Fighter a rerelease sellout and Megaman go extinct? What angers me the most is that nobody asked for this stupid change. Resident Evil was doing great, I remember waiting for part Read More →

Latest latest rumblers claim that Microsoft will be buying the minecraft creator, Mojang. If that is true I expect it to go Xbox One/360/PC exclusive as it makes sense to put it on Microsoft controlled hardware except the PC which is running windows as a gaming platform. What will the shift mean to all the mine craft Read More →

So as promised earlier on twitter, I will be starting my GTA experience from 3 and onward. Last night, I managed to install and play GTA 3 on PC of which I bought earlier on steam. To start off I set everything to high and maxed out the resolution for the best possible outcome.  Setting Read More →