Capcom, one of my all time favorite developer is having a sale on it’s Xbox live tittles namely Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil code veronica for $6.79.









One of the first things I notice about the Code Veronica port is that the video cut scenes are not clean and looks pixalised. The gameplay however is smooth and clean especially the menus. Apart from that and the menu not being the Dreamcast version (The best version) nothing bad to report. Xbox 360’s controller feels smooth when used on this game and the game itself is fast with no noticeable slowdowns yet. Online ranking is an add bonus. Recommended,

I did not play Resident Evil 4 yet so no comments from me but as per my brother, it is smooth with no noticeable problems.

Get them on:

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil code veronica X

There are also other games on sale but strangely enough after buying both Resident Evils, the website gives me an error to try again later. I had problems like these before and I was hoping that they would have fixed everything by now. Lets see how things go.

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