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So as promised earlier on twitter, I will be starting my GTA experience from 3 and onward. Last night, I managed to install and play GTA 3 on PC of which I bought earlier on steam. To start off I set everything to high and maxed out the resolution for the best possible outcome.  Setting up Xbox 360 controller with this game takes allot of work and downloading so I used mouse and keyboard.

I noticed that something funny is going on with the screen with broken edges (aliasing) but the frame rate was stable. I got used to the sensitivity of the camera movement and hijacked my first car. As I progressed and learned the game I realized that was missing on great games. Now my brother kept on saying that this is arguably the worst GTA and that the later titles are way better I insisted on finishing this game as I like the character and the settings.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-20-48-142I am yet to use a skin but I like the way they set it up, just like every PC game should be; customizable.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-30-27-489Doing missions is kinda repetitive but that’s GTA 3 for ya. So far I hijacked a few cars and enjoyed the physics. Im still working on my aim but I guess you cant get used to everything within 30 minutes. I am looking forward to continue playing and trying  San Andreas as I already own it on the original Xbox.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-27-39-898The graphics look kinda old but playable and to be honest, I am very late to the party so cant complain. All in all, the game is enjoyable and I am sure things will get interesting along the way. I recommend it as its very cheap and fun.

PS: The comments are still broken, I receive and see them but for some reason they do not appear on the blog for everyone else. Never the less, thank you very much for the support guys. I am working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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