Why am I returning to Dropbox

dboxSo about a year ago I wrote a post about how excited was I to switch to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. I heavily used it for a month only to return to Dropbox. Here is why:

The upload order:

I mostly use the cloud as a fast backup and lately the only one. Now I know that this is a very bad practice I still tend to do it. any way, most of the photos uploaded came from camera upload from my iPhone; most of the photos were out of order placing them at the bottom or the top of the list.

I managed to do a quick work around but hated to redo it every time I was looking for a specific photo and the work around will sometimes stop working.

The fail rate:

I will be the first to admit; the rate is not high. Never the less, this created the problem above as photos will not upload in the correct way. The fails came from both the iPhone and my Windows PC.

Windows 8.1:

The final nail in the coffin: Once I made the upgrade to 8.1, Windows automatically set to download everything without an option to turn this off. No joke. I searched the internet for hours with the only work around is to login on the web interface and turn it off.

Even that was a headache as the control options were as confusing. I decided to unlink the PC from my account and delete everything. Big mistake, everything was deleted from the web as well despite me unlinking the PC. After all that I decided that enough is enough.

Not only did I made the jump to DropBox I also format my PC and reinstalled windows 8 which in turn made my gaming performance better and used less C space.

Now comes the good part, the things I enjoyed:

I admit, having a full latest version of Office complimentary really sweeten the deal. I will still use OneDrive along with Office Online for my main documents editing.

Final Note: I am not knocking off OneDrive off the cloud table, for many this is the perfect option and if you use Office like 90% of the world then OneDrive is a very good choice.

Like I said, for me cloud is about uploading and backing up my pictures so Dropbox is the perfect option despite having little share controls with the free version. The Paid one gets you 1 TB just like Google Drive and OneDrive so for me it made sense to switch back to something I love.

Now if Google Drive had the camera upload instead of jumping through Google+, I would have maybe change my mind?

Any way, both OneDrive and Dropbox are a serious cloud options for any one serious about backing up backing up their collection.

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