CODAWLooking forward to sharing a friendly game of the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare using the new PS4’s share play? Sorry you cant, Activision has despite Sony’s promise that all PS4 games are share ready disabled this feature in its latest COD. The reason is that Activision is currently testing the new feature to insure that it will benefit the game and it’s fan base.

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but obvious greed is obvious. Call of Duty is one of the top multi platform AAA title which happens to have an online mode that enables friends and stranger to play together. Need I explain more? Just in case, share play allows a person to share his game with his or her friend meaning at least one lost sale, now imagine half the PS4’s version fan base starts doing that? 50% lost sales as in previous version each and everyone who wants to play the game be it online or off line had to purchase his own copy. Gone now, many gamers will probably come up with a shared money to buy a few copies and share play them together which means lost sales.

I understand Activision wants to generate money but frankly speaking they made enough already and instead of blocking the feature, they should have just accepted the new policy and took the hit if any. The blame is also placed on Sony for promising something and delivering something else. All games are share play ready. I hope that Activision is forced into enabling a promised feature of the PS4 without effecting the players. Sony on the other hand should act as fast as possible to avoid losing face with broken promise.

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