Man the UFC is losing credibility faster than the next gen’s online play. Dana white announced that should Anderson Silva deafeat Diaz he will get another title shot at the UFC middle weight championship.

I have nothing against the spider and wont try to take away his accomplishments but another title shot after defeating an outranked fighter? This soon? Man the UFC must be so desperate for views first signings CM punk, a zero experience fighter for ratings sake and now giving Silva another title shot? Man if this keeps up the UFC will lose the remaining credibility as a real sport.

Silva lost by know out the first fight and got dominated till the leg break in the rematch so whats the big idea of another title shot? At least make him earn the shot by defeating 2 to 3 ranked fighters than and only than talk about another title shot.

I do realize Silva is not anyone but making him leap frog to the championship fight is a disrespect to all the hard working fighters in that devotion. By this logic Brock Lesnar should get a tittle shot when he returns later this year. I realize that UFC is a business but would Lakers sign a celebrity into it’s NBA team for views sake?

Chris Weidman worked hard and earned his title shot, giving Silva a cheap quick rematches is a disrespect to the current champion.

Now I must admit, the upcoming fights will be interesting as Vitor Belfort’s fight will truly test the current champ and the winner of this match will face Silva should he defeat his firs opponent after his return. Some will argue that the excitement of fights is that matters to which I will reply with: Would you be excited to watch Justin Bieber fight Rob Van Dam in the octagon? Exactly.

2 Thoughts on “Anderson Silva doesn’t deserve a title shot

  1. after watching that fight Weidman would destroy Anderson easier then last time. Andersons boxing is great but his defense suck, Diaz is not a heavy hitter, lucky for Silva. Anderson had a long exciting reign its time to move on. BUT then again ..HUGE MONEY. UFC it starting to stink. I remember Dana White taking shots and discrediting GSP about the drugs, make Dana and fucking liar.

    • Adam Cooper on February 8, 2015 at 6:48 am said:

      Exactly, hence the reasons he started taking steroids. Silva is done after weidman fights and with the likely win flip to no contest so is his legacy.

      The UFC will try to milk him as much as possible but there is so much a human can do..

      Thanks for the comment.

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