iphone 5s

The updated version of last years iPhone 5 is here. As always, faster, new Camera app, a new Gold color in addition to the Black and White and the first iPhone to carry the 64 bit processor. From outside, the model remains unchanged from iPhone 5. The upgrades are mostly under the hood and via features.

But the most awaited feature was the Fingerprint scanning ID. The iPhone now unlocks via scanning your fingerprint although I’m not sure if this new method is faster than the simple pass code but that remains to be tested.

The new camera  app adds some interesting features such as Burst mode where you take up to 10 shot per second, better flash handling (works hand in hand with the new improved flash sensor) and a slow motion video playback to name a few. Of course the possibilities for 3rd party apps are endless.

Of course its IOS 7 read, and three casings available from apple although they are not as good as the iPhone 5c ones.

This is the updated version of iPhone’s 5, and it dose a good job at updating unlikely last years model which didn’t bring anything new to the table. I know I will be upgrading soon.

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