Ok so after upgrading to Windows 8.1 64 bit version with 8GB of ram I noticed a strange thing; I’m out of space with 400 MB remaining. I forgot that 64 bit version takes about 20 GB of space while formatting my 29 GB windows directory partition. Adding space from my programs and games partition requires partition magic and that’s something I’m yet experiment with.

After searching for about an hour I came across a small tip that nobody seems to mention; Paging file. After examining the file I found out it was using above the recommended space, I lowered it down and got about 2 GB extra which is kinda enough for a few important windows updates as I install everything else in another directory as mentioned earlier.I know its not much but anything is better than nothing.

Another thing I managed to fix is the blurry display problem. The display dose not look sharp enough when connected to an HD TV like in my case. To correct the issue, open the resolution window, make text smaller or bigger, and check the box that says Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays. Doing so made everything look better as it used to be.

There is another issue which I’m yet to run into that supposedly breaks the mouse movement in games. So far I tested Counter Strike GO and everything controlled well. I heard Metro is having this issue so lets see what happens when I re install that.

The final and most annoying issue I had was the auto download feature of OneDrive. Trust me, I was this close from deleting everything and closing my OneDrive. After searching everywhere I decided to log into the web interface and unlink my PC manually. They say that OneDrive turns itself on after every windows update so I will have to wait and see what happens.

The above may not seem very important or deal break but can and will be annoying so be careful and hopefully I managed to help even a few with this post.

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