Blog back Online!

I’m happy to report that the Blog is finally back online! So what happened you may ask? For starters, I have been blogging for over 5 years and been with my current host for over 3. I noticed that I was being charged more than advertised. I contacted support and they claimed that I am using an old version of the hosting plan and need to cancel then upgrade which is very strange as I was a) never contacted about this issue and b) should have been upgraded automatically.

Never the less, I backed up my blog and cancelled my plan along with my site. After a few days, I installed a fresh blog. When restoring however I could not get the images up. Every other thing went fine. So I contacted the customer support again and they claimed that I need to upgrade my plan in order to gain the extra resources need to properly restore. Keep in mind that the files I’m trying to restore are less than 500 MB. Since I already have the backup files,

I decided to do what any normal human would; restore the files manually myself. So I did. I uploaded the missing folders and I’m back in business. The experience was not exactly pleasant but I learned a few things. One of them being that the doing things yourself is the way to go unless you are willing to pay an insane amount for simple tasks.

I’m planning to add a few small features and updates in the future including a new header maybe even upload exclusive videos but for the time being, I’m happy to be back and will start blogging again soon as I have a few retro pickups I would like to post. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for more content. Feels good to be back.

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