Arkham Keychain

So it’s been sometimes since I last blogged due to me being busy with my YouTube channel. Nevertheless, I picked up a few goodies while playing new games including Call of duty Black OPS3 and currently Dying Ligh which I enjoy very much.

So it’s been awhile since I first had my own house key along with my own keychain. I picked up around Micky one while in Disney Paris and stuck with it for over a year. I’m not the type that changes the keychain often but figured I would yearly or so as refreshment is always good, even in small stuff like this.

What caught my attention is this particular keychain as I’m a big fan of the Arkham series, although not so with its last game Arkham Knight. So anyway, I place an order and wait. Once the package arrived, I opened it up and got shocked by the build quality of the keychain.


As you can see, the build material is solid and well detailed although the sharp edges are kinda a health hazard but rarely place it in my pocket and keep in the car while away. Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase. My next one will probably be retro related preferably Dreamcast or Sega Saturn but am open for anything cool.

As I said, the keychain may not be a big deal to some but doing what you like even on a small scale is always good. If doing a certain thing makes you happy then go for it.

Anyway, I hope you all are good and are moving forward in life. Take care and I will catch you in my next one.

Batman Arkham Knight PS4 bundle

Batman PS4Great news Arkham Fans, for only $449.99 you will be able to own a Batman shaped PS4 along with the game Batman Arkham Knight coming  June 23rd. In addition and for a limited time; this bundle will allot the user to download extra missions and skins before they go public on other platforms.

I am not surprised as Arkham Asylum for PS3 had the Joker as an extra missions character. The Batman logo shape looks great on the console and for once I am excited for a bundle.

Regardless of all, I will still be getting this on the PC followed on Xbnox One and maybe down the line get it on the PS4 once I get that system.

Great news never the less for Batman and Ps4 fans. Finally, a Bundle that one can be proud owning (With respect to other bundle).

16794978849_263b52f407_kA small note, there will also be a normal non limited edition Arkham Knight bundle for $399.99.

Batman arkham knight ps4 bundle



Batman Arkham Knight gets M rated, not surprised

baknm_arkham_knightSo Batman Arkham Knight is now getting the M rating for the supposedly increase violence and for some reason people are surprised! The way I see it; Arkham games were always intended for adults with deep and somehow emotional story along with the in game deaths.

The first game set the mood for the insane taking over the island killing the guards and hijacking everything. Arkham City followed with a more dangerous feel as no one is safe in the no law land. It is only natural that the next and the final game will end with more violence and death considering the power of the next gen. And with the rumors flying around that Batman himself might end up dying I am not surprised of the rating at all.

I for one wish that the next game will force Batman to be more brutal facing someone like the Arkham Knight. Regardless of all, Arkham Knight got this rating for a reason and although this may rob the developers a few thousand dollars, the story will be told the way it was meant and that’s why I am happy.

Not many would sacrifice extra sales for quality and in today’s unfinished games era I am glad to hopefully witness a master peace done right and the way it was intended.

All this however should not give you an idea that Batman will start killing thugs left and right although he had done so accidentally if you played any of the Arkham games, instead a more violent Batman will do what he can to save the city while even if it meant dying in the process.

I expect Batman to make an exception and take Arkham Knight with him as he goes down but that may be crazy talk and Batman end up trying to save Arkham Knight after beating him or puting in him in danger but nothing is certain.

Amazing Batman Suits from across the web

Batman_logoLets face it, everybody loves Batman. I grew up in the 90s and to this day fail to find a single hater. Batman was done and redone in all sort of stuff ranging from movies to games and everything in between. As years go by, Batman change. Today I will be posting my favorite Bat suits from across the web. Keep in mind; I don’t own the pictures, I just post them. No copyright infringement intended. Links to image’s source included.

Now that we set the record straight lets move on to the suits them self.


The Evil looking Batman is a skin for the Batman Arkham games if I’m not mistaken. What I like about it is the way it was detailed. Everything looks real and kinda technical. The Evil eyes and mouth also add to the overall scare. I cant imagine this suit on a good Batman, only the Evil version.

batman_and_robinThe Batman and Robin suit. I don’t know about you but this suit has the 90s written all over it. A mix with the white gives it some beauty in my book. Not many would agree as Batman and Robin was regarded as one of the worst movies of all time. I don’t remember it being that bad but then again its probably for the best.


Even though Arkham Origins was a quick game and nowhere near the quality of Arkham City, the game managed to score an awesome bat suit. A present day Batman Suit, whats not to like?


Another Batman Movie suit? The Dark Knight easily ended up being one of my faivorte and realist looking for that matter. A well done suit and a well done movie which I first hated but learned to love and respect.


Wait a minute, that’s NOT Batman! I know but it being shaped as the Bat makes it a bat suit. For the ones that don’t know, this is actually the evil batman villain in the upcoming Batman game Arkham Knight. The techno evil shaped suit takes the cake in this post. The perfect combine of clors, material and technical feel makes it the top of this list.

What do you think?

WB client in works and why do I care

wb-play-It is almost confirmed that WB will be entering the clients war. I don’t own a crystal ball nor do I use magic to read the future but this could go wrong, especial for Batman lovers.

Steam did something right and revolutionized the digital era, what followed by the industry was not so great. Sure, EA Origin is catching up but nothing beats Steam in terms of flexibility, reliability and the ease of use. The uPlay was a disaster and although I do have a choice of not using anything else, that window is closing very soon. The problem arises when games become exclusive to a platform. Origin did it and now WB might too.

batman_arkham_knightBatman Arkham Knight coming out next year, by this time the WB client will most likely be out. If and that’s a big if, the game requires it many problems could arise and even make people buy the console versions instead. Early applications tend to be buggy, just go back and count the years it took steam to be where it is now. Batman will be a demanding game, anything else slowing it down like eating system resources by supposedly this clinet will have a negative impact.

Everything I said is not confirmed so I may be jumping the gun but fears are fears. I am looking forward to this game and will end up buying it on more than a system like I did on the previous Arkham games so this is a big deal to me. Once again, anticipating the future and hoping for the best.


Ben Affleck and Batman drama

Its been sometime since the initial storm but people and websites are still reporting and discussing this supposed issue. Ben Affleck is not a good placement for batman, Ben Affleck is a bad actor, Ben Affleck killed my Dog, etc…


Well, the truth is; we wont know until we watch the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie which is in my opinion a bad idea in itself. I admit, I don’t follow Hollywood and actors but one thing is for sure: I will watch the movie regardless if its Ben Affleck or John Cena. People will watch it. Now I understand that some are worried that should the movie doesn’t sell well it will be an end to Batman movies. Incorrect kind sir, there will always be future batman movies by some one.

Back at the day, everybody was worried that the Heath Ledger would not fit as the joker and now he is being worshiped. Give the guy a chance, if not another guy will make a batman movie sooner or later. They may even produce part 2 without taking into consideration the ratings of the first. Who knows?!

BenAffleckBatmanMy point will always stand; don’t judge an incomplete project. Take Mad max for example, Mel Gibson will no longer be starring in the upcoming Mad Max 4 yet you don’t see starting a witch hunt regardless of how sad I feel that the legendary Max is changed. A new guy may even be better and needed.

One last point before I forget and its a big one: I did not like the current Batman Alfred stars. Batman looks too young and alfred too fat, regardless I enjoyed the movies. Watch the movie, not the actors.

Thank you for reading.



Batman Arkham Origins Complete Edition on Amazon

As anticipated and expected, Batman Arkham Origins Complete Edition show up on This version is supposed to be out on  21. August 2014. The game of the year like version will have all the DLCs as well as skins, in short everything that came out in one package. I will pick it up for 36o as I already did on my PC the day it was out and completed it 99%.

The box art looks amazing well.

91PqZL3gaxL._SL1500_ batmanoriginsc

Batman Arkham Origins Cold Cold Heart DLC impression

The story DLC is finally here and I managed to play it last night. I had little hope of seeing something new let alone a good story but all that came crashing down when I started a new mode in Cold Cold Heart menu. I was surprised to see new textures, places and even enemy type. And while not much has changed since the main map, new place was opened as well as some small side missions but most importantly the new Batsuit. 


The story is kinda short but satisfying for a quick and cheap DLC (Free with season pass) and while the main point of this DLC is to introduce the back story of Mr. Freeze, the new suite makes everything seems cooler somehow. I wont spoil anything but one final word: Get it.





cold cold heart


PS: I’m playing the PC Steam version via Xbox 360 controller.

Batman Arkham Knight preorders live

arkham knight

Pre-ordersfor the next gen Batman game are live, namely amazon.

The next batman game is said to be bigger than Arkham City by 5 times, a derivable Batmobile and a new rival named Arkham Knight. Im yet to %100 Arkham Origins but Im already excited as I love the Arkham Series.

Preorder here:


Batman Arkham Origins Review

So its been some time since I last blogged, and with a good reason; I was busy completing Arkham Origins. Right now, I just completed the New Game+ with the final mode finally unlocked.

The game overall feels like an update to Arkham City rather than a new one, but that’s not necessary a bad thing for hardcore Batman fans but I must warn you that some parts feel old and repetitive. Once you complete the main story you can go hunt the sub missions and remaining Data Drives along with a few surprises but that’s all about it.


The graphics are somehow update (Playing the PC version) and are nice to look at but nothing groundbreaking although seeing how this is a Game play + Story game that’s normal.

Of course the challenge maps return but in order to earn all upgrades you now must complete a series of sub challenges in story mode. Obtaining them all will require skill and patents as sometimes the game glitch you out of the award. Over all, it is the same game we all played and loved with a few upgrades and a prequel story. The DLCs should be on the way and there is a session pass to get as well. 

Hardcore Arkham fans will get it as soon as they can, but for the rest you might want to wait for the game of the year edition or a cheaper version along the line.


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