So its been some time since I last blogged, and with a good reason; I was busy completing Arkham Origins. Right now, I just completed the New Game+ with the final mode finally unlocked.

The game overall feels like an update to Arkham City rather than a new one, but that’s not necessary a bad thing for hardcore Batman fans but I must warn you that some parts feel old and repetitive. Once you complete the main story you can go hunt the sub missions and remaining Data Drives along with a few surprises but that’s all about it.


The graphics are somehow update (Playing the PC version) and are nice to look at but nothing groundbreaking although seeing how this is a Game play + Story game that’s normal.

Of course the challenge maps return but in order to earn all upgrades you now must complete a series of sub challenges in story mode. Obtaining them all will require skill and patents as sometimes the game glitch you out of the award. Over all, it is the same game we all played and loved with a few upgrades and a prequel story. The DLCs should be on the way and there is a session pass to get as well. 

Hardcore Arkham fans will get it as soon as they can, but for the rest you might want to wait for the game of the year edition or a cheaper version along the line.


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