The not so long awaited IOS 7 jailbreak is here, but reports all over the web are pointing out that it may be sending user data to some site. The full story can be found on I personal will hold off for a few days until the storm blows and everything will be visible. The need Read More →

Its 5am and i still didn’t get my needed sleep so i decided to post this from my iPhone tumblr app.

Being a technology and gadget person i surprisingly didn’t make the jump to the uprising craze of the Blackberry phone. I just didn’t need it and saw it useless until my brother got it as a -sort of- gift.

After some time he sold it to me for not so reasonable price. I did not have any data plan at that time thus couldn’t download and use most of the apps. Shortly after, pre paid data plans begin to surface and i was an early adopter.

I still did not find the phone so amazing except the BBM which every one i know uses. To me that was the only real benefit of having a BB. I remember having almost 40 friends on bbm back at the day.

Now i only have the people that matter. A huge reduce as you can see but I feel like i did a good cleanup. New days the iPhone gets around 90% of my use and the only reason I’m keeping the blackberry is to stay in touch with people that don’t have an iPhone.

Im interested to see the next gen of Blackberry phones and what will they offer but to turn the market around looks like “Too late” to me.

The only thing i would like to be added to the iPhone is a dedicated bbm like chat messenger. The available apps are nice but not great and the iMessage still has a long road ahead.

Well, thats my Blackberry story. Thanks for reading.

My eBook app is finally ready and submitted to the IOS app store for review. I will update you all when the eBook is up in the app store. 

Just a reminder, the Book name is The Date Aftermath. It is the first chapter of the intended trilogy but as I said before more chapters may be published before the book hits its end.

Stay tuned for hopefully very soon news about the release and Promo codes.

Finally updated this morning to the long awaited IOS 6. The updated attempt crashed the framver and I had to restore along with the update.

After the update finally loaded my backlight turned off and the phone crashed. Now working so far, had to readjust the backlight but everything else seems smooth.

Waiting for the Jailbreak to land as I got used to the theme and 5 raw I used to have but for the meantime this update is fine.

And dont forget to download the new YouTube app from the app store as the old one is no more. Another reason to Jailbreak as the new app is not that good and Im sure the old YouTube app will be available in Cydia.