2013-09-19 17.05.03

 IOS 7 finally arrived and while it took some time to download and install due to servers overload I must say the wait was worth it. First of all, the design while in some areas not so great is amazing. The IOS needed change and what better way than a full makeover? Now I know pretty colors don’t make a great OS but the new IOS got some important under the hood improvements. The best thing is the new multitask preview as you can now go to the app switcher and it will show whats going on in each app. Beware, this drains the battery faster than anything you ever seen, thankfully an option to turn this off is there.

The new OS runs slower on old hardware, in my case the iPhone 4s but still usable and while not all new features are available on old hardware it is still enough to upgrade. One last thing, please keep in mind that IOS 7 while great is still no Android so don’t expect extreme freedom as Apple is still unlocking things, step by step.

A Jailbreak may or may not come but so far things are looking good and hopefully soon we wont need to Jailbreak.

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