Retro games pickup: Biohazard remake and 0

I posted a while back the exact same topic except that both of the games did not arrive. This time, I hope they do. Once again I ordered both of the Japanese versions of Resident Evil aka Biohazard for the GameCube. And even though I have both of the games in HD I still like getting the originals. Might play them on the Wii that’s hooked up to my 4k TV or on original hardware.

One thing that stands out in most Japanese games is the packaging and those games are no exception. Getting a free authentic memory card is a great extra. It may be strange to non-retro players on why I would play an inferior version but that’s not how I see it. I see a masterpiece that needs to be experienced on its original platform and yes, I completed the English versions long ago. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and hope both games actually make it this time.

I had a dream…

I had a dream, a Resident Evil dream. That’s right folks, I was dreaming of playing the original GameCube BioHazard 0 version and by God, I will do it in real life. Better yet, I will record and upload the play through on my YouTube channel.

I’m not stranger to video games dreams although I don’t game as much as I used to due to work and life in general but my love and passion stay the same. For some reason this dream made me want to relive the memories again. I have previously played and completed my English versions so I placed an order for the Japanese editions which by the way look way cooler than the English covers.

I will most likely play them on Dolphin emulator as I heard nothing but good things about it even though I’m yet to install it. Never the less I’m excited to relive the experience as I haven’t touched GameCube games for some time.

I’m still deciding whether or not I should stream or simply record it so subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on twitter as I post my updates as soon as they go live. Take care for now.

The Evil Within ending explained

the_evil_withinBefore I start, obviously spoilers! Now that you have been warned lets move on to the ending.

Now like most of you, I was looking froward to The Evil Within. I managed to finally play and finished it last night after doing some upgrades that went little bad. Any way, I have manged to complete the game and to my knowledge understand the story and ending.

The whole story basically takes place in a matrix like Ruvik’ machine. Ruvik through out the whole game is trying to find a suitable mind and body for him to capture and escape into the real world.

Just before the final fight, Leslie a kid who Ruvik seeks to capture and use his body to walk among the living in the real world is finally captured and most likely killed. Upon waking up from the dream world, you notice that all the faces you encountered throughout the game are killed except Leslie.

When you finally make it outside, you see Leslie who is now Ruvik walking away hinting at part 2.

Now I know there are many plot hols and the whole matrix thing is not really explained. What is this organization and how and why did they capture Sebastian and place him inside? To kill Ruvik? Why put him there in the first place? I was never a fan of the dream world story types but this one gets a pass cause the gameplay is fun and the story is somehow original. Now all is left to do is wait for the DLC’s and hope that whatever question you have gets answered then.

The Evil Within first impression


Now that the most awaited game of our era is out, I managed to grab it for my brother’s Xbox One while missing the chance to grab one myself. Why you ask? I still did not decide if I’m going with the 360, PC or Xbox one but at any rate, I’m grabbing the 360 version very soon. Now that my sad rant is over it is time for my first impression.

Keep in mind that I watched my brother play it up to chapter 3 so my first impress will be about the first two chapters.


After retrying the installation for the second time, the game started downloading a 7 GB day one patch. Strange and disappointing although we were given permission to play while download. What amazes me is the size, 7 GB day one patch? Why? and for what? Gone are the days when I can slide the disk into a console and start playing and came the days of a late 90s PC problems.


the evil within

Truth be told, the graphics look good. Some aliasing is there but nothing game breaking. Everything looks good and detailed. The atmosphere it self is realistic but you cant help but notice the Hostel movie inspiration in the first chapter. All good, nothing to complain although some may argue that the graphics are far from next gen, for me personally everything looks good. Yes, this is a last gen game ported to Xbox One and PS4 and yes, PC can pull better graphics but consider the full package and not just one part.


the evil within

Resident Evil meets Metal Gear. This is what Resident Evil 4 should have been so Capcom please take note. Ammo is nowhere to be found so running, stealth and environment traps is the way to go. The movement looks realistic and smooth and many Resident Evil like stuff are in like memos and burning the corpses. The game itself feels like a Resident Evil we never got.


.The sound effects and music is good, fits right in the game. The gun firing and burning sounds along with everything else is a job well done


.I am yet to play it myself but from what I’m seeing, the game is amazing. Will pick it up today for deeper review but you cant go wrong with this game

Resident Evil Revelations 2 makes no sense


I’m sure that by now, many of you heard that Resident Evil Revelations 2 may be coming out. I am all for a new Resident Evil with dark atmosphere and creepy surroundings but let me explain why I think Revelations 2 makes no sense at all. The game was good, a spin off set in between Resident Evil 4 and 5. The story was decent for a side game and the environment was creepy. The monsters were kinda cool but nothing special or old school Resident Evil alike. That is the main problem, it is a side story that ended. RER2 will bring nothing more but confusion and broken side story that ended in the first one.

I understand, Capcom can and will come up with a way to tie things up. The problem is, will quality control be imposed or will we all end up with a part 2 side story that no one cared about in the first place? Capcom is in a tight corner now with financial trouble and what not. The last thing they need is this. Save the budget and release something the fans want or use the money to produce or even remake some of the classics like Final Fight and Mega Man X.  Soeaking of Megaman, I will tear eBay from inside out for the X collection as soon as I receive my next gaming budget and by receive I mean pay my bills and use part of whats left.

Any way, I hope I made it clear as of why I think that this is a bad idea. Let me know what you think.

Next target: Biohazard Code Veronica PS3 DVD


That’s right, Biohazard 4/Code Veronica had a psychical release in Japan and I am about to hunt it down like a stray dinosaur. As a Resident Evil die hard fan and psychical lover, I find things like these very attractive and within a few years they gonna be rare. The problem is, I work hard (like most people) to support my gaming hobbies and the expensive for life are getting higher so that leaves me with very little to spend.

Any way, I will try to hunt it down once my paycheck gets sent to me all before the arrival of the physical Resident Evil remastered next month. Will keep ya all posted.

Daily Pickups: Capcom Xbox Sale


Capcom, one of my all time favorite developer is having a sale on it’s Xbox live tittles namely Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil code veronica for $6.79.









One of the first things I notice about the Code Veronica port is that the video cut scenes are not clean and looks pixalised. The gameplay however is smooth and clean especially the menus. Apart from that and the menu not being the Dreamcast version (The best version) nothing bad to report. Xbox 360’s controller feels smooth when used on this game and the game itself is fast with no noticeable slowdowns yet. Online ranking is an add bonus. Recommended,

I did not play Resident Evil 4 yet so no comments from me but as per my brother, it is smooth with no noticeable problems.

Get them on:

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil code veronica X

There are also other games on sale but strangely enough after buying both Resident Evils, the website gives me an error to try again later. I had problems like these before and I was hoping that they would have fixed everything by now. Lets see how things go.

Resident Evil Remastered and why does it matter

rem5Resident Evil was and still is big, no one can deny it. However, things have changed since the the fourth installment was introduced and kept going in the new direction all while facing decline. What ever true Resident Evil fan was asking for is simple; A survive horror game with zombies.

Capcom however had something else in mind ignoring the fan base and kept on pushing the copo action game. All was lost until Resident Evil Remastered was announced. Not only did this news brought joy to my heart along with most if not all Resident Evil fans, it sparked hope that the game will finally be heading back to its roots.

After the polished version of Resident Evil 4 hit Steam as Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD edition, I must say I’m looking forward to the PC version as it will most likely be the ultimate version due to the obvious reasons. Strangely enough Wii U is not included in the list but I am sure that it will make the list sometime soon. The Xbox 360 and PS4 will be 720p while the rest is 1080p but that’s hardly a deal breaker for anyone.

Resident Evil RemasteredSeen Resident Evil Remake Remastered in HD in its full glory is the biggest eye candy I have ever seen. I’m not saying the game has the best graphics or engine, what I am saying is that as an old school Resident Evil fan; it is the best HD remake that I can ever ask for.


The benefits that will make this a must own and better than the original GameCube Remake:

  • Better Controller
  • Best possible Graphics and resolution
  • Accessible to everyone on all platforms
  • New Camera
  • Better Sound
  • Achievements

and hopefully few other things like online Rankings.

The other thing I want to stress on is that should this game sell which I am sure it will; Capcom will hopefully seriously consider remaking Resident Evil 2,3 and Code Veronica as a proper Resident Evil 1 remake and make them available to all considering they will not spend on packing as it will be digital release only.

Lets hope and wait for more news on this important and great announcement.

Resident Evil remastered on IGN


Resident Evil one Remastered confirmed

My dream has finally come true; Resident Evil remake is coming in 2015 to the PC along with everything else as a Remastered version.


Imagine the possibilities with mods and graphics upgrade on the best Resident Evil ever? Yes I do believe Resident Evil one is the best Resident Evil ever and getting a true remake is a dream come true. Awaiting this with patience.


Resident Evil 7 goes old school? 

re7The supposed Resident Evil 7 image is out on the internet. It worms my heart to see the reunion of the originals as it bring back amazing memories of the amazing Resident Evil one. Remembering the golden era of the video games as well as my own memories of playing this gem.

The word is; Resident Evil 7 will be the final part of the series as its been stretched far enough. I don’t know how to react as part of me agrees that Resident Evil reached its final life part with all the failures after 3. Another part will miss new Resident Evils and will always wish for more.

Resident Evil is still my favorite horror and possible all time greatest (Resident Evil one) so letting go will not be that easy. Any way, lets hope for the best and celebrate once news is out.