Xbox Scorpio’s specs revealed . A true 4k Monster?

So the wait is finally over, Microsoft officially revealed Xbox Scorpio’s specs and they are impressive, BUT is it really a 4K unstoppable monster?

Everything from the CPU to Ram is a noticeable improvement over the PS4 Pro and defiantly a worthy upgrade from the Original Xbox One and the S model, although I expected the Ram to be pushed toward the 16 GB mark as its kinda standard with high-end games settings on the PC, never the less the on-board 12 GB is still better than 8, at least in theory.

So where exactly does the Xbox Scorpio shine?

For starters, most if not all of Microsoft’s first-party titles that are already out should run allot better on the Scorpio provided Microsoft is gonna update the games to do so. Looking better is another thing. Yes, Microsoft will update the resolution and what not but it takes time and work to adjust and update games assets which may result in compatibility issues.

Microsoft and most importantly 3rd parties will need to properly adjust their games to take advantage of the new hardware while maintaining compatibility with the base models. Games will not magically look and run better despite what fanboys would like you to believe, and some developers will take the easy way out either making the base version run like crap or vice versa. Optimization is the key here. Otherwise, will end up with bad ports aka PC Arkham Knight.

Another area where Scorpio will dominate is the multi platform games. Games that are released on both platforms will run better on Scorpio. So if Console power is your main priority (which it shouldn’t be) then Scorpio is the only way to go, at least for a while.

Now into the most hyped feature of the upcoming console. Both Microsoft and the fanboys claim that the Xbox Scorpio will deliver native 4k with 60 frames in most games which are both true and false. Yes, Microsoft teased Forza tech demo running at 60 frames in 4k but at what settings? What the fanboys fail to realize due to them simply not knowing any technical aspects of gaming is that almost any current Xbox One S or PS4 Pro game can be run at 4K 60 frames provided the graphical settings are lowered enough.

Sports games are easier to run when it comes to 60 frames. First party titles will also be highly optimized to take full advantage of the system but the majority of 3rd party heavy games will most likely not be running at 60 frames at high settings. I’m speaking from a realistic point of view. A lot of developers will not fully optimize their games due to laziness or technical difficulty.

The Xbox Scorpio is the next Generation console that is also backwards compatible with Xbox One and 360 despite Microsoft telling you otherwise. And with PS5 being in the shadows it remains to be seen how things turn out in the near future.

With everything aside, I’m excited to see what the Scorpio can offer in term of games and features despite me mostly gaming on the PC. I love the Xbox brand and wish it nothing but success.

I’m anticipating the price reveal as it’s critical that Microsoft doesn’t over price it for the average consumer rendering the machine useless to allot of budget gamers especially that the Switch is selling like hot cakes. Those were my honest thoughts on the console. Thank you for reading.

Note: This is a text version. For video version, check out my YouTube channel.

Forza Horizon 2 is coming to PC [Rumor]


Rumors can be a tricky business, they can be started by anyone and fade away even quicker but once in awhile turn true. This may be the case with Forza Horizon 2 rumored to be coming to Windows 7 and 8 soon. It all started with Amazon listing Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon, and although both were pulled later this can only mean one thing: The rummer is true.

Why would Amazon suddenly make a listing by itself? The above makes sense with Xbox One not selling as anticipating it makes sense for Microsoft to port these tittles to a growing platform, aka PC gaming. I been saying this for sometime; Forza on the PC will be great. Downloadable cars and tracks by the mod community along with other extras, whats not to like?

Some will argue that it may hurt Xbox One sales as the struggling system needs exclusive for which I can simple reply with: It wont matter. PC gaming is not directly competing with consoles. Back at the day SEGA used to release and port games to the PC despite having a console.

My only concern is how will they market it? Games for Windows Live is dead so the way I see it they can release it on Steam or Windows Store. Steam is by far the best and the biggest PC gaming online store there is so releasing the game on valve’s tool is the best thing for business. The problem is, Microsoft store will be competing with Steam and the achievements thing handled by  non Microsoft software could be a problem.

If only Microsoft made Games for Windows Live more stable, easy to use and overall consumer acceptable like Origin is trying, things would have changed for the better. Never the less its not too late, as they say: Better Late than Never.

I’m looking forward to playing this on my PC with improved graphics and community created content and hope it seals well so that Microsoft can then start porting Halo and Gears of War collection in 4K.

Xbox One bundle is now $349

xbox_one_saleFor those of you still waiting to jump on the next Gen -Technically this Gen- now is your chance. Microsoft now lowered the Xbox One’s price to $349 with free game(s) and that is an amazing offer.

You can even get two full games should you go with the assassins creed bundle. True both of them are also available on Xbox 360 but with such a low price and free games it is getting harder not to take advantage. and with the saving you just made, you can go ahead and get more games like the Evil Within or even preorder Mortal Kombat 9 or Batman Arkham Knight.

This price is as low as it can get so don’t expect anything lower in the short term. Now of course if your not interested in the next Gen yet you can care less but sooner or later you will need to reconsidre to continue playing new games. More and more developers are starting to develop games for next gen only with Dying Light being a fine example. You can also get some of the pre gen games like Rayman Legends with better resolution and shorter load time not to mention The Evil Within.

Another thing I would like to point out that apart from the assassins creed bundle you will be getting the latest AAA tittles such as Sunset Overdrive and the next COD so your scoring big games for free and if for any reason you don’t like them you can trade them for something else among your friends. Not a bad deal at all.

Xbox One had a slow start but make no mistake; a stable online services aka Xbox Live + Next Gen console is never a bad thing and as more and more developers starts jumping aboard the console will soon be over populated with AAA games.

Just a reminder: Offer ends January 3rd 2015.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox 360 release


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is released on Xbox 360 for only $3.74 and that’s a good thing. Fans of GTA and retro nostalgia gamers can now revisit an updated version of the best PS2 GTA game.  I for one own the original Xbox version and I am yet to play it. The 360 version offers updated resolution and achievements so I might just give it a go considering the low price.

We are yet to hear any news on the PS3 port but I believe it will eventually come. Anyway, great news and hope to see more of old school games ported AND optimized with a great low price. I already am in the process of completing my Sega arcade collection Xbox 360 and looks like I will be adding this to my non Sega to buy list.

What can Capcom do next?

CapcomWhat was once an unstoppable leading force is a straggling company today. Who would have thought that Resident Evil would become absolute trash, Street Fighter a rerelease sellout and Megaman go extinct? What angers me the most is that nobody asked for this stupid change. Resident Evil was doing great, I remember waiting for part 3 and going crazy when a class mate brought it bragging. Why did Capcom completely ruin the highest selling horror game and keep insisting on going nowhere.

Why did Megaman go bye-bye when Megaman X was doing great? I ask myself what happened as I brows eBay for retro Capcom games? Would it hurt any one if Capcom released Final Fight 4 on 3DS or even Xbox live arcade?

megaman x

Why do I have to replay Resident Evil Code Veronica instead of Resident Evil 6? I don’t know if anything can be done at this point but as they say; better late than never. Capcom should start making things right before its too late including and not limited to:

  • New Street Fighter
  • New 2D Megaman X style game
  • Port the Megaman X collection to arcade, PSN and Steam
  • Resident Evil 2 remake
  • Final Fight port or even new part

I must give credit where credit is due: Capcom is trying hard with PC gaming and is cross porting the games along with great optimization. I want Capcom to be successful as they are one of the last old school game makers that did great games. I know that we can not always control the destiny of the things or people we love but I really hope for the best.

Microsoft could be buying Mojang


Latest latest rumblers claim that Microsoft will be buying the minecraft creator, Mojang. If that is true I expect it to go Xbox One/360/PC exclusive as it makes sense to put it on Microsoft controlled hardware except the PC which is running windows as a gaming platform.

What will the shift mean to all the mine craft fans if true? A logical solution is to keep the already out game updated but add exclusive worthy updates or DLC to the Xbox, even make it free or cheaper like Steam is doing with Left 4 Dead 2. Microsoft is a multi billion company and needs money to stay at the top and buying Mojang must have been about business and not ego.

We wait for more news and or conformation regarding this.

Ultra Street Fighter IV reaction

USF4Capcom is one of my all time favorite developer with amazing games over the years, the problem is; they don’t know when to stop. This is like the 4th street fighter 4 and with the latest rumors it wont be the last. I am all up for updating games and good DLC but this is stupid. Releasing boxed version for the 4th time with only a minor change will make you look desperate and just want to milk the game to death.

screen 1

Now this edition actually has a few extra characters instead of skins so its worth mentioning all the changes:

  • Ultra Combo Double allows players to choose both of their character’s Ultra Combos at the cost of doing less damage. This gives players more options in their tactics and play styles.

  • Red Focus Attack is a Focus Attack that absorbs multiple hits. By holding the usual Medium Punch and Medium Kick buttons, plus the Light Punch button, the player’s character will flash red as they charge their Focus Attack. It is still subject to the same weaknesses as the former with Armor Breaking moves and throws.

  • Delayed Standing (similar to “Tactical Recovery” from Capcom vs. SNK 2) allows players to alter the timing of their character’s wake-up, when they are getting back on their feet. By pressing any two buttons when the character is slammed down in a hard knockdown (similar in the fashion of performing a Quick Stand), the character will take a few extra frames to get back on their feet, disrupting the wake-up game of the attacking opponent.

  • five new characters: Rolento, Elena, Hugo and Poison.

screen 2

My take on the whole thing is, this should have been the first upgrade/DLC for street fighter 4. Like I said, releasing that many with more to come make you look desperate and I’m not even sure if the upgrades can sell that much considering you know that the next upgrade will be released in the near future.

Let me know what you thing, thanks for reading.


My first GTA expirance

gta3 2014-08-21 22-18-29-099

So as promised earlier on twitter, I will be starting my GTA experience from 3 and onward. Last night, I managed to install and play GTA 3 on PC of which I bought earlier on steam. To start off I set everything to high and maxed out the resolution for the best possible outcome.  Setting up Xbox 360 controller with this game takes allot of work and downloading so I used mouse and keyboard.

I noticed that something funny is going on with the screen with broken edges (aliasing) but the frame rate was stable. I got used to the sensitivity of the camera movement and hijacked my first car. As I progressed and learned the game I realized that was missing on great games. Now my brother kept on saying that this is arguably the worst GTA and that the later titles are way better I insisted on finishing this game as I like the character and the settings.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-20-48-142I am yet to use a skin but I like the way they set it up, just like every PC game should be; customizable.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-30-27-489Doing missions is kinda repetitive but that’s GTA 3 for ya. So far I hijacked a few cars and enjoyed the physics. Im still working on my aim but I guess you cant get used to everything within 30 minutes. I am looking forward to continue playing and trying  San Andreas as I already own it on the original Xbox.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-27-39-898The graphics look kinda old but playable and to be honest, I am very late to the party so cant complain. All in all, the game is enjoyable and I am sure things will get interesting along the way. I recommend it as its very cheap and fun.

PS: The comments are still broken, I receive and see them but for some reason they do not appear on the blog for everyone else. Never the less, thank you very much for the support guys. I am working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Daily Pickups: Capcom Xbox Sale


Capcom, one of my all time favorite developer is having a sale on it’s Xbox live tittles namely Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil code veronica for $6.79.









One of the first things I notice about the Code Veronica port is that the video cut scenes are not clean and looks pixalised. The gameplay however is smooth and clean especially the menus. Apart from that and the menu not being the Dreamcast version (The best version) nothing bad to report. Xbox 360’s controller feels smooth when used on this game and the game itself is fast with no noticeable slowdowns yet. Online ranking is an add bonus. Recommended,

I did not play Resident Evil 4 yet so no comments from me but as per my brother, it is smooth with no noticeable problems.

Get them on:

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil code veronica X

There are also other games on sale but strangely enough after buying both Resident Evils, the website gives me an error to try again later. I had problems like these before and I was hoping that they would have fixed everything by now. Lets see how things go.

Resident Evil one Remastered confirmed

My dream has finally come true; Resident Evil remake is coming in 2015 to the PC along with everything else as a Remastered version.


Imagine the possibilities with mods and graphics upgrade on the best Resident Evil ever? Yes I do believe Resident Evil one is the best Resident Evil ever and getting a true remake is a dream come true. Awaiting this with patience.