Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed Unity issue

ubBy now, the news should be out to everyone that the newly Assassin’s Creed Unity runs very poorly and unoptimized. Surprisingly, a simple fix was discovered; disconnect the internet from your console/PC. After killing the internet the FPS should double and the game becomes playable.

How did Ubisoft not test this is beyond me. Instead of placing a review restriction and try to hide the problem, admit it or better yet, take the extra time to fix it before releasing a half finished game with full price tag. And no, this is the not the first game from Ubisoft that came out half made. Trials Evolution Gold had this problem and still to this day is not fixed or patched. Resident Evil 4 port that they did was a horrible game that made Capcom redo it all over again for the PC.

Let alone the horrible Uplay that they impose as an attempt to capture steam sales. I get it, Ubisoft needs money just as any business but releasing broken games and place restrictions is not the way to go. Games and people and general likes to buy good stuff, meaning good games with great story and gameplay and not poorly optimized, half made release.

Gamers allover the world are raging and they have every right to be. I for one, will NOT be buying this until Ubisoft starts taking gamers, the customers that put money inside their pockets more seriously and trust me, I’m not the only one. It is one thing to forgive a mistake made by a trusted company, accepting broken products and getting used to it is another.

Sometimes you just say enough is enough and that’s exactly what many are saying. Ubisoft, I love Rayman and bought it across many platforms. It was nicely done and optimized so I bought it. We are not hatters, we buy good products so make your games right. Take extra months and even years but make the game right that’s all what we are asking.


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