PlayStation Firmware update 2.0 is out and comes with an important yet kinda useless feature at the same time. Important and useless at the same time? Yes, continue reading.

Along with a few normal update features comes one important and unexpected to honest; Game Share. Basically, you share your game over the internet with a friend who is not necessary an owner of the same game. Meaning streaming the option for someone to play on your console while your away or watching. Now in theory this is a revolutionary idea which bring us to the days when friends gathered together. Problem is, you will need a really fast and stable internet and that is a problem for many.

Now while allot of you may have a good net, streaming requires allot of power and internet speed if I can call it that. Any slight disturbance or disconnection will effect your gameplay. The way I see it; this feature while important will be useless to many and eventually ignored. Sadly, we are just aren’t there yet. Maybe in 5 – 10 years but not now.

Cloud and streaming is becoming bigger each year and some may say will be the default way of gaming and application running in the near future and that’s something I don’t like. Yeah its cool that I can play a game I don’t own on someone else PS4 and run Photoshop in the could but physical media has a special place in my heart. Maybe I’m old fashioned but that’s the way I and many feel.

Let me know what you guys think.

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