As agreed, I made a promise of using Firefox for 1 week to test the web browser after all the years spent on Google Chrome and the results are in.


No noticeable speed difference although some sites lagged and crashed a few times namely Facebook. Things got better after using it non stop and the lag went away.


Same stuff as Google Chrome’s although I started to see ads on my own blog and the ad block plus asked me to remove it. Strange indeed. The Evernote web clipper is more polished on Chrome but that’s about it as far as my testing went.


One thing Chrome lakes is a theme. Although there are many themes available, non compares to Firefox.


Truth be told, I like Firefox more now although I cant say I will be switching back or no but one thing is for sure: I will be using both back and fourth, Testing different stuff is always good.

Will update with the new versions as they come.



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