tcWhile reading the latest GamesMaster magazine, I came upon this open world racing game to be out around November this year. I love racing games but hate open world. To me; it feels limited on what can and cannot be done as the whole game is set in one setting. Add to that the fact that there were no good open world racing games since I don’t know, the invention of open world with a small exception to forza horizon which I’m yet to play but are taking my brother’s word for it.

Yet after reading this and checking IGN I feel that this is the game that will change my mind and become “my type of game” which I will be playing regularly. The graphics look good and so as the gameplay but more information is needed to confirm my expectations. I just hope it doesn’t become pay to win type of game where everything is in real life money.

I will probably be picking the PC version as I’m playing to upgrade my machine to support the next Gen games. Lets see how things play out.

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