Arkham Origins first impression (PC version)


As you may know by now, I’m a huge Batman Arkham series fan. I was torn between preordering  the Xbox 360 version or go with the PC one (like I did with the first).

Fortunately I went with the later and so far not disappointed. First of all, the PC version comes with Deathsrtoke as well so no missing content from the console versions. The second and most important thing is the next gen version! You haired it right, since Arkham Origins is not coming to PS4/Xbox One the PC version is the only next gen version. Dont get me wrong, the PC version would have still won regardless if PS4 or Xbox One’s version were out but the lake of them gives me a bigger reason to own this version.


My PC is a bit old and while it cant run everything max at the highest resolution it still manage to pull a decent, as good as or even graphics higher than currant gen consoles. Enabling the advanced features costed me performance  hence the reason I turned most of that stuff off, for now. I’m seriously thinking of finally upgrading my PC to run this gem at the highest graphics possible having the full experience. I am the best version freak so my actions are understandable to my kind heheh..

The last and final reason is that I got it at a cheaper price, hocked up to my trusted monitor (I don’t own an HD TV yet) and playing it using Xbox 360 wired controller. Life is gooooood man.


Enough about my setup, lets talk about the game itself. I must admit that I’m not that far into it so my mini review will cover what I know and seen so far. The game looks and controls as the previous installments, in a good way. The action pickups as soon as you start the game. Having played and mastered the first 2 with mixed unlocked achievements I started my way in with knowledge of how the game and its fighting system works. The boss fights are different so far with some old aliments returning.


The story is not bad as well, you start out as a noob Batman and work your way fighting and making a name for yourself. The city is modified with new areas and places to go into. The detective mode is enhanced thus opening the door for new experience. The only thing I didn’t get use to is the confusing upgrade menu but I may get used to it over time.  Over all, I am please with my purchase and will get the DLC Season pass once I receive my payment. Will also get the game of the year version once it hits on Xbox 360.


Final advice: If you loved the previous arkham games, get it. Get it on whatever platform you please but get it. And oh, the PS3 version gets extra skins and challenges. Will post screens and further impression once I’m done.

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