Revisiting CRYSIS on the Xbox

I still remember getting the special edition version of Crysis from my former go to game store at the mall. I don’t remember how I first heard about the game but I knew two things; the game was ahead of its time and that my family PC won’t be able to run it. So I get home and open up my new game only for the DVD drive to not recognize the disk inside. Now I know CD/DVD drives die over time but it read other DVDs just fine. Anyway, I managed to swipe up the DVD drive from my friend’s PC and finally install the game as we gathered at his place. Finally, the menu came up. I lowered everything to low in hopes that the game will be playable.

The game starts I am on the island shooting trees and watching turtles. The game’s frame rate is unstable but who cares, I’m ruining my own version of Crysis. I was amazed by the game’s mechanics from picking up dropped weapons to throwing enemies around. The open world plus destructible environments give this game a futuristic feeling. Farcry had islands and cars but Crysis took it to another level. The level editor only sweetened the deal. Playing around with the level placing objects around while changing the time of the day only added to the already awesome experience. Once I completed the game, I put it aside promising to replay it in its full glory once I finally have a powerful machine.

Fast forward to 2018 and I’m once again replaying this master peace, except this time it’s ruining on Xbox One as 360 backwards game. As I said, I was intending to replay the game on my PC but I decided to give this version ago for the achievements and because I’m a collector. So the game finally gets downloaded and started (but not before a quick game of Titanfall 2). The familiar menu appears and the first chapter loads. The opening looks OK and I’m quickly thrown off the plain and this is where I first noticed that something is wrong. Ignoring the Draw Distance, the frame rate was horrible. Not unplayable but not good at all. I land and the actual game starts. Still slow and heavy. The world looked wrong with aliasing all over the place.

Now I understand that it is a miracle that the game was able to run in the first place but couldn’t they at least lowered something else and smoothed the game a bit? The gameplay itself remains unchanged with the same great mechanics as I remember. I thought that nostalgia was making the game better than it was but no, the game is indeed this great. Even on the Xbox 360. Progressing using a controller was good which I’m happily giving the devs credit on this one.

All in all, this isn’t unplayable if you never played the PC version. But for the ones that did on decent settings, this feels like a broken game. Never the less, I’m happy to play and hopefully complete it getting the achievements on the way. If you haven’t played this before, pick it up. It is arguably better than the second and third parts. I do feel that the price is a bit high at 20$ but this IS a good game after all.

Super Mario 64 DS Review

I did not own a Nintendo 64 back in the day as I was a Saturn guy and later PSone. Fast forward a couple of years and I managed to get one by trading in old DVDs with a few bucks on top via the now closed local game store. I don’t remember when but I got the famous Super Mario 64 yet never fired it up until recently. On Nintendo DS that is.

I got my brand new DS light by trading in the PSP when it was still popular. The wonderful library of games kept me buys until I picked up Super Mario 64 again and just like before, kept it in the drawer. Finally, its time came and I unwrapped the plastic around the case while at work and for the first time fired the game up.

As soon as the game booted I felt a sense of nostalgia even though I did not play the original. There is something magical about Nintendo games. Reminds me of old school SEGA. Anway, the game starts and the graphics look beautiful and colourful. The first port difference is that you start with Yoshi as opposite to Mario in the original.

The controls were very frustrating at first as transitioning from them middle stick to the normal d-pad takes practice and getting used to and that’s exactly what I did. After a few levels, the controls became manageable although still not perfect. The levels themselves seem simple yet challenging as each level contains 7 stars to collect. Some missions are a bit tricky especially with the new controls but that’s why we have Mario Wiki for.

I completed the first world and working on retrieving the rest of the hidden stars before starting the next area. Mario is not hard to unlock but I think he should have been playable from the start. I understand that Yoshi can be a little easier to control but it’s a Mario game after all. Never the less, I’m enjoying the experience as I progress further.

We also have a few mini-games to play which are always fun as well as a versus mode which you can practice solo as an extra. Overall, the game is fun but challenging for newcomers. Highly recommended for platform fans and old-school geeks alike. I will be posting my further thoughts once I complete it or discover something new.

Retro Games prices are out of control!

I’ve been wanting to make a blog post/video about this topic for a while now. The Retro scene has been imploding for a quite some time and is reaching a critical state where people will simply say enough is enough.

Really? $650 for a used NES game? I know that some games are considered rare but common. Try searching for a used SEGA SATURN version of Street Fighter Zero 3. Normal retro games are not so cheap as well so it’s not just a rare few. And don’t get me started on the systems. I understand that old stuff goes up in prices over time as they are no longer manufactured and I appreciate old gems but I found myself asking if it is really worth continue paying ridiculous prices for those games? Especially that Emulators are available for free. I’m the type of guy that like playing on the original hardware but greedy eBay sellers are making it harder and harder to enjoy my hobby without breaking the bank.

And no, emulators are perfectly fine considering that companies no longer make money off these overpriced retro games. Re releasing old games as remasters seemed to help for awhile but not anymore. I’m not sure myself of what needs to be done other than stop paying for those overpriced games. Some blame YouTubers for talking about the hobby and bringing eyeballs on retro games. And while it is true that YouTubers bring attention to old gems and increase their price, it is not their fault that people are willing to pay an arm and a leg for anything. Enjoying something together in a healthy community should not be penalized.

What happens next is anyone’s guess but I hope that the Retro games market stabilizes itself before it’s too late. I myself am a die hard game hunter and collector but I know when to say no even though I really want that game. so Happy (Logical) game hunting everyone.

Retro games pickup: Biohazard remake and 0

I posted a while back the exact same topic except that both of the games did not arrive. This time, I hope they do. Once again I ordered both of the Japanese versions of Resident Evil aka Biohazard for the GameCube. And even though I have both of the games in HD I still like getting the originals. Might play them on the Wii that’s hooked up to my 4k TV or on original hardware.

One thing that stands out in most Japanese games is the packaging and those games are no exception. Getting a free authentic memory card is a great extra. It may be strange to non-retro players on why I would play an inferior version but that’s not how I see it. I see a masterpiece that needs to be experienced on its original platform and yes, I completed the English versions long ago. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and hope both games actually make it this time.

Sonic Advance the best Sonic post Dreamcast

It’s no secret I used to be the biggest SEGA fanboy in existence religiously buying everything with the company’s logo without question and for a good reason. SEGA used to make kickass games across every genre under the sun.

Even after Dreamcast’s demised I supported the company on other platforms. For the most part, SEGA took advantage of the capabilities of each system and made each game special. For example, Sonic returned in its 2D glory on the Gameboy advance while Jet Set Radio made its way to the Xbox.

Things were going well until they weren’t. I’m not sure what happened but SEGA was no longer SEGA. The quality asked magic were gone due allot of staff being replaced with new guys. And while SEGA still made a few good Sonic games there majority were average at best.

Thankfully we still have the old retro gems like Sonic Advance series. But what makes the series so great? A few reasons that I will summarize below:

Amazing engine

Old school feel meets new school looks. That’s the fastest way to describe Sonic Advance. Everything looks retroish yet modern. From graphics to the way Sonic moves. Yes, the music is not comparable to the Mega Drive versions but is still good never the less. Sonic 4 episode 1 controlled like a flash game. Sure they fixed it in the next episode but it’s still nothing like Sonic Advance.

Made by Sonic Team originals

Now days almost everyone is replaced at SEGA. They old guys left and so did the look and feel of most games. And while Sonic Generations was a good Sonic came, the old SEGA feel wasn’t there.

The Golden Age of SEGA

SEGA, in my opinion, released some of the best games of all time after Dreamcast was discontinued. I was joyed to see the company I love taking advantage of each platform pushing their best ideas into a reality. Sonic Advance games were part of that special era.

At the end, I have nothing against the new teams at SEGA and wish them the best. What I want is old school quality style games. SEGA stated that they are planning a comeback and I can only hope that they indeed will.

I had a dream…

I had a dream, a Resident Evil dream. That’s right folks, I was dreaming of playing the original GameCube BioHazard 0 version and by God, I will do it in real life. Better yet, I will record and upload the play through on my YouTube channel.

I’m not stranger to video games dreams although I don’t game as much as I used to due to work and life in general but my love and passion stay the same. For some reason this dream made me want to relive the memories again. I have previously played and completed my English versions so I placed an order for the Japanese editions which by the way look way cooler than the English covers.

I will most likely play them on Dolphin emulator as I heard nothing but good things about it even though I’m yet to install it. Never the less I’m excited to relive the experience as I haven’t touched GameCube games for some time.

I’m still deciding whether or not I should stream or simply record it so subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on twitter as I post my updates as soon as they go live. Take care for now.

Latest PC Pickup

Another day another eBay pickup. I just can’t get enough of Retro Nostalgia and for a good reason. Games back then while not as advanced as now had more personal depth and felt alive as developers did their best. Nowadays, it seems every game is just a clone of some other game. Exceptions, of course, must be made but I’m more drawn toward the past than the present. Some may say I’m living in the past but so be it. Anyway, I just managed to score the bellow as I was browsing for my next fix.


Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland for the PC! I love Tony Hawk’s games but the series went downhill after American Wasteland. Yes, Project 8 and Proving Ground which I liked were ok but other games are garbage. It’s a shame since I was looking forward to THPS 5 and even bought the remastered version of the first on both the Xbox 360 and PC as well as X on the original Xbox.

I’m not sure if the game will run native on Windows 10 but there is no such a thing as impossible on the PC. Plus I will be Able to run the game on max and even spice it up with graphical Mods if I can find any. The only thing I’m worried about is setting up the game to work with the Xbox 360 wired controller which I tend to use to play most of my PC games including FPS. Crazy I know.

My next target (after completing some of the games I have) is to hunt down the Tomb Raider series. I know that I can get the trilogy cheap on but I like having the big box versions even if they take allot space. There is a special feel to the physical media hence why I love to collect and play the actual disk games.


If you been following me for some time you wold know that I tend to order a lot of games which resulted in a huge backlog. To combat this, I’m on a strict diet of completing my older titles one by one and so far I managed to clear a few games like sonic Generation and Rayman Origins which I 100%. Whats the use of buying stuff if you never gonna use them?

Have great one folks.

Recent eBay orders


So it’s been a few months as I took an unwanted break from blogging and writing as a whole. The reason, of course, is me being busy with YouTube as I fine tuned the channel’s intro and overall quality. Never the less, writing and blogging is something I always enjoyed since a young age and will continue to do so. I’m also deciding my next game to write a guide on at GameFAQs so that should keep me busy. Oh and I managed to clear some of my backlog games and on a strict mission to clear as much as possible before purchasing anything else.

Speaking about orders, let me share my recent purchases off eBay. I will be doing a video about what’s on my eBay watch list soon so make sure to subscribe to my channel to catch the video as soon as it goes live. So here goes:

Sonic Adventure International – SEGA Dreamcast


Sonic Adventure International is an updated version of the original game. Due to the limited test time, the Japanese versions ended up with a few bugs. SEGA later re-released an updated version titled International which has both Japanese and English voice acting as well as new cameras. Most of the bugs were fixed as well. Being a die hard retro SEGA fan, I was happy to grab this off eBay.

MZS Blue Pivot Brake Clutch Levers For Kawasaki KX250 2005-2008


Now I have no idea what this part does or how important it is as its this was never meant for me. A part of many I ordered for my brother’s bike. Not gonna lie though, it looks sick!

Sega Saturn Street Fighter collection trial version


I have always been fascinated with Demo and Trial versions. They are after all a dying breed. Physical Demos are a thing of the past. Street Fighter, Sega Saturn and Demo? A must have.

Classic Mario Amiibo


I always wanted a huge action figure collection to display on shelves. The problem is, most are overpriced. So I thought until Amiibos were released. This is the third one I ordered as its out of stock locally. Soon I will hopefully set them up to give the gaming office a brighter feel. Check out the pickup video I did:

Street Fighter 2 Movie – Sega Saturn


The most interesting item so far. This is supposed to be a Sega Saturn version of the Street Fighter 2 movie. The thing is, as shown on the back of the CD case; there is a gameplay image meaning there is more to do. I will test this out once I order the 1080p upscaler to properly play my retro games on my BenQ Monitor.

So there you have it folks. Those were my top 5 recent purchases even though I have tones more wichih I may do another post about. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and I will catch you in my next article. Checkout my YouTube channel for more content as well as my Twitter and other social media.

Latest Pickups: Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

oddword_abes_exoddusIt’s been a while since I picked up PSOne games but this was something I wanted since the PSOne era itself; Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus. Even though I own the Steam versions of the both Oddworld games, getting this gem on PSOne was necessary as I already have the first part. And even though I believe that 99% of games are superior on PC, this port was so amazing that I felt it deserved to be picked up.

No why is this game so special to me? Simply it’s that good. It is the combination of graphics design, sounds, and the overall feel that gives this game the creepy but addictive feel. Add in the fact that it controls great using the PSone controller. This is one of the great classics that you should own despite the fact that a remake of the first Oddworld game is available.


The New and Tasty remake is great and all but doesn’t compare in terms of design and feel to the originals. There is something special and nostalgic about them. The New and Tasty remake is great and all but doesn’t compare in terms of design and feel to the originals. There is something special and nostalgic about them. The classic Oddworld pack goes for $4.99 on Steam and $5.99 individually on I highly recommend you to pick it up on PC as its cheap and easy to run.

Why Sonic Jam will always be the best retro Sonic port ever


What’s so special about Sonic Jam you ask? After all, we had over 10 ports of old school Sonic games on every platform imaginable. The difference my friends is that Sonic Jam was one of the first of what you now call Remasters.

Released on June 20, 1997, in Japan with two months gap between the western version, this gem was sadly underappreciated and went completely under the radar to this day. SEGA desperately needed a Sonic game on their new system and while that Sonic game wasn’t exactly what many have hoped for, we got a true remastered version of the first three games.


You will notice right off the bat that the graphics are crystal clear with added effects in some areas. The resolution was also bumped upbringing the SEGA Mega Drive classic into a new era. Everything looked amazing and clear.

Once you start playing, you feel like an old school Sonic that we all love is reimagined for the 32-bit era. You just have to experience it to feel it. It’s like playing your favourite console game on PC with 60 FPS. Amazing feeling. Everything about this port looks cool.

Sadly from here on out, SEGA used the original mega drive (Genesis) version or even worse, used an emulator when porting the games. Yes the IOS version looks cool and whatnot but it’s nothing when compared with Sonic Jam’s version.


Having the game on a compact disk, SEGA made sure to remaster the music making it CD quality. Every sound sounds amazing thanks to the quality update. Enemies and stage music alike got updated and fixed where needed eliminating any unnecessary noise. Yes, the music starts a little late on some stages due to the CD loading but that’s hardly noticeable.

What’s New

We finally made it to the best section of this post! For starters, the Sonic Dash was added to Sonic 1 and extra animations him leaving a trail behind when running. The clouds move as you scroll by as well.

For Sonic 2, 3 and Sonic and Knuckles many fixes were added making the gameplay smoother than ever. A new Easy and Hard modes were thrown in as well as an Original mode where you get to play the games on their classic difficulties.

And we have the 3D Sonic world. In this mode, you run around doing mini-missions, unlock art, videos and Music. All three original digital manuals are present in both Japanese and English. You can also uncover secrets as you explore this small but cool world.

In short, this was the perfectly remastered port. I just wished they would have ported this to the PC so we could easily enjoy this gem without getting a Saturn (for the average gamers).

The USA version is a little expensive on eBay so I suggest getting the Japanese version as its box is cooler but that’s just me and I own both. The bottom line, get this game if you want to experience the best version of the classic Sonics.

And playing with the Saturn controller is the Icing on the cake. 10/10.