Batman Arkham Knight PS4 bundle

Batman PS4Great news Arkham Fans, for only $449.99 you will be able to own a Batman shaped PS4 along with the game Batman Arkham Knight coming  June 23rd. In addition and for a limited time; this bundle will allot the user to download extra missions and skins before they go public on other platforms.

I am not surprised as Arkham Asylum for PS3 had the Joker as an extra missions character. The Batman logo shape looks great on the console and for once I am excited for a bundle.

Regardless of all, I will still be getting this on the PC followed on Xbnox One and maybe down the line get it on the PS4 once I get that system.

Great news never the less for Batman and Ps4 fans. Finally, a Bundle that one can be proud owning (With respect to other bundle).

16794978849_263b52f407_kA small note, there will also be a normal non limited edition Arkham Knight bundle for $399.99.

Batman arkham knight ps4 bundle



Rumored Slim PS4 coming this year?

ps4-slimRumors of a new slimmer PS4 version started coming in stronger than ever and with a good reason. Sony had updated versions across all the Play Stations released starting from the very first and ending with a PS3.

And while I’m not shocked, I am little surprised and happy that a new cheaper model is coming out. Just in time for me to grab on as I spend the money on upgrading my old PC which I will have to upgrade again due to an error on my side. All in all, this is a great news for both Sony and the consumer as upgrades and discounts are always welcomed.

I expect the new model to have hard buttons as opposite to the touch to save cost as well as cheaper plastic feel but you cant complain when buying a reengineered cheaper model especially if they lower the price to a reasonable level.

I’m closely following this news as I’m excited to finally grab a next gen Play Station system after totally skipping PS3 (I used my brother’s console). More news as they come.

Activision disables PS4 Share Play in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

CODAWLooking forward to sharing a friendly game of the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare using the new PS4’s share play? Sorry you cant, Activision has despite Sony’s promise that all PS4 games are share ready disabled this feature in its latest COD. The reason is that Activision is currently testing the new feature to insure that it will benefit the game and it’s fan base.

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but obvious greed is obvious. Call of Duty is one of the top multi platform AAA title which happens to have an online mode that enables friends and stranger to play together. Need I explain more? Just in case, share play allows a person to share his game with his or her friend meaning at least one lost sale, now imagine half the PS4’s version fan base starts doing that? 50% lost sales as in previous version each and everyone who wants to play the game be it online or off line had to purchase his own copy. Gone now, many gamers will probably come up with a shared money to buy a few copies and share play them together which means lost sales.

I understand Activision wants to generate money but frankly speaking they made enough already and instead of blocking the feature, they should have just accepted the new policy and took the hit if any. The blame is also placed on Sony for promising something and delivering something else. All games are share play ready. I hope that Activision is forced into enabling a promised feature of the PS4 without effecting the players. Sony on the other hand should act as fast as possible to avoid losing face with broken promise.

Microsoft could be buying Mojang


Latest latest rumblers claim that Microsoft will be buying the minecraft creator, Mojang. If that is true I expect it to go Xbox One/360/PC exclusive as it makes sense to put it on Microsoft controlled hardware except the PC which is running windows as a gaming platform.

What will the shift mean to all the mine craft fans if true? A logical solution is to keep the already out game updated but add exclusive worthy updates or DLC to the Xbox, even make it free or cheaper like Steam is doing with Left 4 Dead 2. Microsoft is a multi billion company and needs money to stay at the top and buying Mojang must have been about business and not ego.

We wait for more news and or conformation regarding this.

Sony online entertainment hit by DDos attack, again

Sony is under attack yet again. PlayStation network unstable with failed attempts to log in or do anything. Now this is not the first or even third time this has happened, so the big question is: What did Sony do to prevent this? Why is this happening? And most importantly, will this happen again?

I am not network expert and I do not claim to be a pro but clearly this has never happened to Xbox live or Steam. I was very close on placing an order for a PS4 but its things like this remind me why I am holding out.

Take a look at the history of Sony Online outage for yourself:

The latest reports claim that things are getting back to normal although the full story is not out yet. Lets wait for Sony’s official story and prevention plan.

Daily Pickups: Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland Collector’s Edition Ps2


Managed to hunt down this gem, well not that rare but I always wanted the limited edition tony hawk game. Been looking for this for a while and finally decided to grab it. As per wiki description; this game fixes a few glitches found in the normal edition and add a few extra characters and possibly a map. Will need to grab video converter box for PS2 games to display correctly on HD television and I am ready to roll.


My first GTA expirance

gta3 2014-08-21 22-18-29-099

So as promised earlier on twitter, I will be starting my GTA experience from 3 and onward. Last night, I managed to install and play GTA 3 on PC of which I bought earlier on steam. To start off I set everything to high and maxed out the resolution for the best possible outcome.  Setting up Xbox 360 controller with this game takes allot of work and downloading so I used mouse and keyboard.

I noticed that something funny is going on with the screen with broken edges (aliasing) but the frame rate was stable. I got used to the sensitivity of the camera movement and hijacked my first car. As I progressed and learned the game I realized that was missing on great games. Now my brother kept on saying that this is arguably the worst GTA and that the later titles are way better I insisted on finishing this game as I like the character and the settings.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-20-48-142I am yet to use a skin but I like the way they set it up, just like every PC game should be; customizable.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-30-27-489Doing missions is kinda repetitive but that’s GTA 3 for ya. So far I hijacked a few cars and enjoyed the physics. Im still working on my aim but I guess you cant get used to everything within 30 minutes. I am looking forward to continue playing and trying  San Andreas as I already own it on the original Xbox.

gta3 2014-08-21 22-27-39-898The graphics look kinda old but playable and to be honest, I am very late to the party so cant complain. All in all, the game is enjoyable and I am sure things will get interesting along the way. I recommend it as its very cheap and fun.

PS: The comments are still broken, I receive and see them but for some reason they do not appear on the blog for everyone else. Never the less, thank you very much for the support guys. I am working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Resident Evil Remastered Complete Edition DVD is coming in November

rerps3You red it right folks, BioHazard aka Resident Evil remastered will be coming as a physical DVD this November. As hard as it is to hunt it down, it will be coming in 4 different editions for as low as $50.

It is a great news for physical lovers such as my self so we can display it with pride on our shelves. Note that the physical version is only coming to PS3 much like the physical Code veronica and Resident Evil 4.

Will update you once more news arrive.


Resident Evil one Remastered confirmed

My dream has finally come true; Resident Evil remake is coming in 2015 to the PC along with everything else as a Remastered version.


Imagine the possibilities with mods and graphics upgrade on the best Resident Evil ever? Yes I do believe Resident Evil one is the best Resident Evil ever and getting a true remake is a dream come true. Awaiting this with patience.


Sony forgets to renew a domain, everything goes offline wait what?


You heard it right. Sony as a company forgot to renew one of its core websites domain resulting in most of the games to go offline as well as a number of support forums. Hold on and let that sink in. So one of the biggest companies simply forgot to renew a website contract critical to online gaming and forums?

After reading the news, all I picture is this:


Yet people still defend Sony and its dying brand of gaming that did nothing for gaming since the PS2 and keep on bashing the Xbox. Amazing news. I had hoped that this would have been a trolling article or an April’s fool news but not, its as real as Sony gets.