The Evil Within Ending Theory

The_Evil_WithinSpoiler Alert: Ending Discussion

The Evil Within’s ending is as confusing as it gets. At first all is good and simple until you realize that things are not what they seem. Lets debug it together:

Sebastian defeats Ruvik smashing his brain and wakes up from the nightmare. He then notice that everyone connected to Ruvik’s head was dead. Sebastian walks out with cops all over the place with Leslie the only survivor walking in the distance. All clear right? Wrong.

It is obvious that the game starts AFTER Sebastian was abducted -as seen by his missing photo in New Game+- and inserted into the Ruvik’s world. The supernatural things as seen through the surveillance camera is not real. Ruvik has no power in the real world.

Now before the final boss fight Ruvik finally catches Leslie and melts him presumably taking over his body in the real life. This theory explains the way Leslie walks as opposite how he used to. In short, many think that Leslie is controlled by Ruvik.

The problem with this theory is that:

  1. Why was Sebastian still having the noise headache in the real world after waking up as when he was looked up?
  2. How did Leslie disappear in seconds, let alone walkout unquestioned or stopped in front of all the cops?

My theory after searching the internet and reanalyzing is that you never leave the nightmare world. As Kidman said, nobody can ever leave. That explains the headache and the way Leslie disappeared. Its a Matrix inside a Matrix theory. Another thing to add is that before you wake up the hospital was very clean and tidy then looks deserted and broken down when you wake up.

This is the only theory that makes sense in my opinion unless we start arguing that Ruvik carried over his power into the real world which in my opinion will totally break the story. The future DLC will hopefully answer this and more like:

  1. What was the purpose of Ruvik mahcine?
  2. Why did the organization want Ruvik dead?
  3. Why send in everyone?
  4. What is this organization?

Speaking for myself; I did not like the story that much. I hate the “It was just a dream” thing in movies and games so I never was big on this game’s story. The thing that made this story kinda different is that the dream world is somehow connected to realty so not all was wasted.

Anyway, that was my take on the ending. Feel free to share your own theory in the comment section.

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