WB client in works and why do I care

wb-play-It is almost confirmed that WB will be entering the clients war. I don’t own a crystal ball nor do I use magic to read the future but this could go wrong, especial for Batman lovers.

Steam did something right and revolutionized the digital era, what followed by the industry was not so great. Sure, EA Origin is catching up but nothing beats Steam in terms of flexibility, reliability and the ease of use. The uPlay was a disaster and although I do have a choice of not using anything else, that window is closing very soon. The problem arises when games become exclusive to a platform. Origin did it and now WB might too.

batman_arkham_knightBatman Arkham Knight coming out next year, by this time the WB client will most likely be out. If and that’s a big if, the game requires it many problems could arise and even make people buy the console versions instead. Early applications tend to be buggy, just go back and count the years it took steam to be where it is now. Batman will be a demanding game, anything else slowing it down like eating system resources by supposedly this clinet will have a negative impact.

Everything I said is not confirmed so I may be jumping the gun but fears are fears. I am looking forward to this game and will end up buying it on more than a system like I did on the previous Arkham games so this is a big deal to me. Once again, anticipating the future and hoping for the best.


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