What can Capcom do next?

CapcomWhat was once an unstoppable leading force is a straggling company today. Who would have thought that Resident Evil would become absolute trash, Street Fighter a rerelease sellout and Megaman go extinct? What angers me the most is that nobody asked for this stupid change. Resident Evil was doing great, I remember waiting for part 3 and going crazy when a class mate brought it bragging. Why did Capcom completely ruin the highest selling horror game and keep insisting on going nowhere.

Why did Megaman go bye-bye when Megaman X was doing great? I ask myself what happened as I brows eBay for retro Capcom games? Would it hurt any one if Capcom released Final Fight 4 on 3DS or even Xbox live arcade?

megaman x

Why do I have to replay Resident Evil Code Veronica instead of Resident Evil 6? I don’t know if anything can be done at this point but as they say; better late than never. Capcom should start making things right before its too late including and not limited to:

  • New Street Fighter
  • New 2D Megaman X style game
  • Port the Megaman X collection to arcade, PSN and Steam
  • Resident Evil 2 remake
  • Final Fight port or even new part

I must give credit where credit is due: Capcom is trying hard with PC gaming and is cross porting the games along with great optimization. I want Capcom to be successful as they are one of the last old school game makers that did great games. I know that we can not always control the destiny of the things or people we love but I really hope for the best.

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