Bethesda finally came forward and announced that Prey 2 is officially canceled as it was not meeting the set expectations. Normally I would get sad as a game gets canceled, but in this case I’m not and for a good reason may I add.

Prey 1 or should I say the Original Prey was about Alinies abduction and you had to find a way to escape while killing everything in your path. Good enough for a generic shooter with a few great add-ions like walking on walls and sprite stuff. Nothing unusual but the story was straight forward with the bad guys came, kill em to save the world and it was good enough for most of us at that time.

Prey 2 took us to a totally different setting and it was bad. I’m all up for innovation and new stuff but just because its new doesn’t mean its good. The new story takes place years later with you as a bounty hunter capturing aliens for money. You see how ridiculous that sounded?

Prey was about aliens coming to kill us and it was up to you to stop them. Now that they are everywhere and you hunting them for money took away the fear and excitement found in the first one. Not to mention the probably horrible ending. In the original Prey you wondered about how all this will end, you had a goal and a purpose.

Once again I’m all up for new ideas and what not, its just I find it stupid. Even Bethesda found the game to be boring and not up to the first part standards. Should they decide to continue working on Prey 2, I really hope thy scrap the whole thing and start fresh with a story like you are fighting for your life on an alien planet after you got abducted or something else. As long as you have a purpose I’m all for it.

Any way, I’m sorry that some of you were looking forward to this game but it is for the best that this mess gets canceled and hopefully we will get a proper Prey 2 at some point and the not so far future.

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  1. Looking forward to ur review of sleep dog. Im hearing thats its too easy and not good enough

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