Why as I holding up on getting the next gen consoles

Xbox one and PS4 are out and selling, the next gen has officially arrived. As a Diehard gamer, one would think I would jump on them as soon as I can and they would be right, not this time though.


xboxone ps4


There are reasons behind my decision to wait;


Now I know that the launch prices were low and all but I’m still waiting for the remembered cheaper version for Xbox One.



No first batch tittle amazed me so far. Sorry but its true, no ground breaking game was shown till no and most of the ones I do want are also available on previous gen consoles or PC.


PC Gaming

Its no secret that I’m big on PC gaming and enjoying the best experience on most games (Batman Arkham Origins) so no rush.


Retro Gaming

I’m also a big old school retro gamer and collector as seen by my blog posts. Collection old school rare games > New Gen.


One final thing; I am in no way bashing or making fun of the new consoles and will get them sooner or later but at this point I prefer to save money on more important things and retro gaming although that could change once Gears of War 4 is announced. Game one, game right.

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