Blog back Online!

I’m happy to report that the Blog is finally back online! So what happened you may ask? For starters, I have been blogging for over 5 years and been with my current host for over 3. I noticed that I was being charged more than advertised. I contacted support and they claimed that I am using an old version of the hosting plan and need to cancel then upgrade which is very strange as I was a) never contacted about this issue and b) should have been upgraded automatically.

Never the less, I backed up my blog and cancelled my plan along with my site. After a few days, I installed a fresh blog. When restoring however I could not get the images up. Every other thing went fine. So I contacted the customer support again and they claimed that I need to upgrade my plan in order to gain the extra resources need to properly restore. Keep in mind that the files I’m trying to restore are less than 500 MB. Since I already have the backup files,

I decided to do what any normal human would; restore the files manually myself. So I did. I uploaded the missing folders and I’m back in business. The experience was not exactly pleasant but I learned a few things. One of them being that the doing things yourself is the way to go unless you are willing to pay an insane amount for simple tasks.

I’m planning to add a few small features and updates in the future including a new header maybe even upload exclusive videos but for the time being, I’m happy to be back and will start blogging again soon as I have a few retro pickups I would like to post. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for more content. Feels good to be back.

Why I still Blog

I started blogging around 4 years back. I mostly shared my gaming experience and opinion as well as Gamming news. I then branched to include some aspects of my life and the things I found interesting. 

To this day, my main blog remains mostly about tech and Gamming. I started a second blog dedicated to life events and everything else using the new Ghost blogging platform that made everything look good out of the box. 

Maintaining your own WordPress storage while highly customizable and future proof also had its drawbacks. Manually updating and configuring everything can be time-consuming. You also share most of the responsibility of backing up your installation. Yes, some web hosts do help but mostly you’re on your own.

Despite the above, I still love blogging and will continue to share what’s on my mind. Creating content was always my passion be it writing, photo sharing our video making. Reading your old posts is as exciting as writing them in the first place. Looking at your own creation knowing that you made something is one of the best feelings ever. 

Sure I consume allot of content but I also try to produce as much as I could. Of course, we all have our unique life’s and situations which can sometimes be destructive preventing us from sharing that post idea that just appeared out of nowhere, but content creation is a habit just like any other. If you love it, you will find the time to do it. 

One of the benefits of living in the digital age is that everyone carries a content creating device in one form outer another. From mobile phones to laptops. I’m writing this from my iPhone as I lay down in a small apartment in Ukraine while on vacation visiting my grandparents.

I tend to keep my posts short and to the point giving each post personal feel as opposed to big corporate blogs. My goal is to blog more in the future and overall increase the frequency of new content. I will continue to cross-post to social media such as Tumblr and Medium making my content accessible to everyone.

Happy content creation to all.

My latest developments


Hey guys, how you all been? First, I apologize for not blogging for some time but I was doing allot of activities. I completed the third book of Harry Potter, progressed in Resident Evil Zero in order to write a guide for GameFAQs, bought a new GPU but most importantly worked on my YouTube channel. I’m happy to report that the channel is no longer in Beta. I managed to iron out the mistakes I used to do, updated my channel art and set a standard style for all my upcoming content.

Adam3k3_Banner3Running a YouTube channel is not easy, at least when you’re taking it seriously. However, this blog will remain alive and active as well as my personal non-gaming one. For the most part, I will post content best suited to a blog as well as more details or information about a topic I may have covered on my YouTube channel.

I will resume writing game guides for soon so that’s not going anywhere as well. I spent the last few months updating my old FAQs with more detailed information and fixing the spelling/grammar mistakes. There are many more games I would like to write for so expect more content in the near future.


My personal non-gaming blog will receive content as well. Mostly personal stories, experience or tech. The reason I created that blog was mostly due to the Ghost blogging system that I wanted to try and I must say I love it. Simple and looks great out of the box.

Keep an eye on my social media mostly twitter as I am active the most on, followed by Google+. My Facebook is sort of like a collection log for all my content but unless someone message me, I’m not that active on it. You can request specific content by messaging or twitting me directly. Note that my twitter feed is shown on the right side of this website.

I’m fully intending to mix both my YouTube and this blog’s content together and make this website a central hub for all my work. If anything is happening, you will hear about it here or on Twitter. Writing was and still is a big part of me and I’m not intending of letting go.

Thank you very much for your support and I hope I will continue to provide helpful and entertaining content for you to enjoy.

Happy New Year 2016


Just want to wish everyone a happy new year. May this year bring joy to you and your loved ones. Remember, going forward is the only way to evolve. I will be talking about my blog and YouTube channel in 2016 in another blog post but as for now, Happy New Year folks ;J

30th Birthday Special

I finally joined the 30s club, and what a ride it was.

Growing older and celebrating birthdays was big to me until I turned 27 and realized that doing what I love is what I should be doing instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity. I started blogging, kick started my Youtube channel and continued writing for

The thing I learned from the previous 30 years is to not wait and do what you love as soon as it crosses your mind. There is no such a thing as the perfect time. I also learned to finish things and work extra hard instead of pushing things in volumes. Quality over quantity is what you should be doing. But the, even more, an important thing is to actually release your work.

I can honestly say I’m excited and optimistic entering the new phase of my life following my dreams and doing what I love on both career and hobby wise. I must also say that I matured and leveled up in many of life’s tasks. Being a better person while keeping the fundamental core of whom you are is the way to go.

Overall, I like to believe that I had a good run up till this point and things will only get better.

Looking forward to my new projects. Thanks for following and supporting my content.

Important blog update: URL Change

Dear readers,

This is to update you all that this blog’s url will change to

The current one will be forwarded to my new personal/tech blog.

This blog will remain about gaming and daily pickups so to reflect that I have placed a name change to unify my online personas Adam3k3.

Feel free to visit and subscribe to my new personal blog as it goes live soon.

Current Personal Blog URL:

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog(s).


Blog updates

So I turned 29 two days back with a quite but nice dinner. My plans for this the upcoming years is to work more and stabilize my YouTube channel with a regular posting schedule. I will be getting married soon and moving out so Im kinda in the middle of a mess at the moment. Anyway, I’m glad  that I started the blog and will continue to blog and make videos side by side.

I may change the host the coming months as I’m not sure of the price I will be paying as it seem to increase. You can follow me on twitter @Adam3k3 so in case this blog goes down you will know first hand on whats going on.

Don’t forget to checkout my YouTube channel and subscribe if you like the content as well as share it. Thanks guys, looking forward to the future of this blog and gaming.

Adam3k3 YouTube channel

Happy LATE Thanksgiving

Whats happening guys? I apologies for not blogging or uploading any videos to my channel for sometime and hope that you had an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones or even alone 😉

Deals are everywhere, not just gaming but latterly everything. Check out STEAM as well as Origin for crazy offers and whatnot. I will be posting new content shortly but for now: Happy Late Thanksgiving.

PS: Follow me on Twitter for news regarding this blog or the YouTube content.

I’m now on Patreon

You can now support  the growing of this community by donating at Patreon. Instead of running annoying ads this is the right way to do it and together with your support we will grow this community and  launch bigger ideas and projects as well as improve the YouTube show. With your help I will be able to do more and hopefully make it full time to entertain and create.

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Thank you.