Latest PC Pickup

Another day another eBay pickup. I just can’t get enough of Retro Nostalgia and for a good reason. Games back then while not as advanced as now had more personal depth and felt alive as developers did their best. Nowadays, it seems every game is just a clone of some other game. Exceptions, of course, must be made but I’m more drawn toward the past than the present. Some may say I’m living in the past but so be it. Anyway, I just managed to score the bellow as I was browsing for my next fix.


Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland for the PC! I love Tony Hawk’s games but the series went downhill after American Wasteland. Yes, Project 8 and Proving Ground which I liked were ok but other games are garbage. It’s a shame since I was looking forward to THPS 5 and even bought the remastered version of the first on both the Xbox 360 and PC as well as X on the original Xbox.

I’m not sure if the game will run native on Windows 10 but there is no such a thing as impossible on the PC. Plus I will be Able to run the game on max and even spice it up with graphical Mods if I can find any. The only thing I’m worried about is setting up the game to work with the Xbox 360 wired controller which I tend to use to play most of my PC games including FPS. Crazy I know.

My next target (after completing some of the games I have) is to hunt down the Tomb Raider series. I know that I can get the trilogy cheap on but I like having the big box versions even if they take allot space. There is a special feel to the physical media hence why I love to collect and play the actual disk games.


If you been following me for some time you wold know that I tend to order a lot of games which resulted in a huge backlog. To combat this, I’m on a strict diet of completing my older titles one by one and so far I managed to clear a few games like sonic Generation and Rayman Origins which I 100%. Whats the use of buying stuff if you never gonna use them?

Have great one folks.

Recent eBay orders


So it’s been a few months as I took an unwanted break from blogging and writing as a whole. The reason, of course, is me being busy with YouTube as I fine tuned the channel’s intro and overall quality. Never the less, writing and blogging is something I always enjoyed since a young age and will continue to do so. I’m also deciding my next game to write a guide on at GameFAQs so that should keep me busy. Oh and I managed to clear some of my backlog games and on a strict mission to clear as much as possible before purchasing anything else.

Speaking about orders, let me share my recent purchases off eBay. I will be doing a video about what’s on my eBay watch list soon so make sure to subscribe to my channel to catch the video as soon as it goes live. So here goes:

Sonic Adventure International – SEGA Dreamcast


Sonic Adventure International is an updated version of the original game. Due to the limited test time, the Japanese versions ended up with a few bugs. SEGA later re-released an updated version titled International which has both Japanese and English voice acting as well as new cameras. Most of the bugs were fixed as well. Being a die hard retro SEGA fan, I was happy to grab this off eBay.

MZS Blue Pivot Brake Clutch Levers For Kawasaki KX250 2005-2008


Now I have no idea what this part does or how important it is as its this was never meant for me. A part of many I ordered for my brother’s bike. Not gonna lie though, it looks sick!

Sega Saturn Street Fighter collection trial version


I have always been fascinated with Demo and Trial versions. They are after all a dying breed. Physical Demos are a thing of the past. Street Fighter, Sega Saturn and Demo? A must have.

Classic Mario Amiibo


I always wanted a huge action figure collection to display on shelves. The problem is, most are overpriced. So I thought until Amiibos were released. This is the third one I ordered as its out of stock locally. Soon I will hopefully set them up to give the gaming office a brighter feel. Check out the pickup video I did:

Street Fighter 2 Movie – Sega Saturn


The most interesting item so far. This is supposed to be a Sega Saturn version of the Street Fighter 2 movie. The thing is, as shown on the back of the CD case; there is a gameplay image meaning there is more to do. I will test this out once I order the 1080p upscaler to properly play my retro games on my BenQ Monitor.

So there you have it folks. Those were my top 5 recent purchases even though I have tones more wichih I may do another post about. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and I will catch you in my next article. Checkout my YouTube channel for more content as well as my Twitter and other social media.

Steam and Digital are hurting the gaming industry long term


Whats going on? We thought you love Steam? Relax, I still do and I have over 50+ games but that’s about to change. Conspiracy theories aside, the digital age is taking the entertainment industry by storm and there is little that can be done at this point. Getting the game to download while you’re browsing the internet hassle free is something that many got used to. Fantastic sales throughout the year, what’s not to like?

The Monopoly

Monopolies are bad, that much is agreed on. They kill the competition which in turn kill the motivation to improve and innovate. Why do you think Steam is not considered with its poor customer service? Because there is no real alternative. Sure EA Origins is catching on as well as the fantastic, but Valve is the pioneer to PC digital games distribution and judging from how things are, they will likely stay at the top for many years to come unless something tragic happens.

Steam machines are failing and the Steam OS is a joke and yet Valve is not even concerned the slightest, why? Because they are on top and can afford to screw up. Where will people go? Basically, the people have a choice to either accept any changes Valve may see fit or move to a smaller platform with the many features that they got used to are missing.

One might argue that once the new platform gathers a large crowd, the features and games will start coming in. Not true as catching up to large competitors is not as easy as the normal consumer thinks it is, just ask Microsoft’s Xbox division.

In short: No competition, no creativity.

Killing the Creativity


I’m sorry but hard, a physical material will always be Superior to soft copy. From the amazing box designs to the smell of a new item and placing it on your shelve or in a dedicated collection corner, all of these things make physical copies what they are. Sure, all your games will be gone once your house catches a fire but having your entire house burned has a way less chance than the digital company going out of business or changing the policies (see next section).

Physical media has and always will have a special feel of ownership. No matter how flexible the digital provider may be, it will never beat the feeling or owning an item you can touch.

You are NOT in control of your own games

Valve can at any time deny you access to your own games or simply take away specific game with or without a reason. Don’t believe me? Google it. Once Valve goes down so will your games. Yes, Valve unofficially promised that in the unlikely event that they go under you will have a chance to download your games. Good luck downloading over 1 TB worth of games in the short amount of time they will give you supposedly they stay true to their word in the first place.

Playing games offline is also a problem to many as Steam offline mode is as reliable as your new politician. In short, a game can be pulled off your library with or without refund for many reasons including copyright expiration or simply the refusal to renew a yearly contract. Anything can happen and you can’t do anything about it because you own nothing. On the other hand, I’m still playing Need for Speed Road Challenge years after it discontinued without any problems. Good luck finding this gem digital legally.

. . .

There is hope, demonstrated that it is possible for DRM free games to sell well and Witcher 3 is a fine example. Downloading digital DRM free games is a considerable alternative to owning physical copies as I can print my own covers from the likes of VHBOXART. Take a look at this beautiful fan created master peace.


Digital distribution is taking over, at least in the USA. If you are like me, support or buy PC games from Amazon UK unless the game requires Steam to activate. Steam is not the devil and Valve is not the New World Order yet so I will continue to use it for the cheap price and what not but if I get the choice between Steam and a DRM-free physical version aka the Witcher 3, you know which one I choose.

Latest life updates

As you probably guessed, I took a break from blogging gaming related stuff – I did post my late Resident Evil Revelations 2 review though- and instead focused on writing gaming guides for, posting on my personal blog/political stuff on Medium and gaming itself.

What am I playing?


Yes I played the PC version to death and mixed out the available level ups and weapons upgrades. Why get the Xbox One version? I like having a physical copy of the game so I can play it whenever I want after/if the digital service goes under in the future. The more important reason is I have my brother and friend joying in, triple the fun. I was never a online shooter guy even though I own counter strike and call of duty but this game got it right. Very underrated game to be honest.

Speaking of Titanfall, my keyboard and mouse are getting old and I’m thinking of an upgrade. Guess my wish list?



While they both look nice, the keyboard cost around $118.99. That is pretty expensive although not as expensive as what I seen in the local computer shops not to mention that I will be spending this much on something that wont even improve the frame rates of any game but is nice to have. Wish list for now until I find something better or this goes on sale.

On the PC side, I’m in the last chapter of Resident Evil Revelation and as my review stated; this game is amazing. The best since Resident Evil Code Veronica. The game play is creepy and controls are tight. Even the enemies are somehow as good as zombies and this is just a budget game. Looking forward to Resident Evil 7 although I wont get my hope up.

Capcom did a huge mistake by going in the action direction when it comes to Resident Evil and paid the price with lower sales except RE4. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Moving on to my YouTube gaming channel; I’m waiting for my ordered Blue Microphones Snowball to arrive. Decent video with bad sound will ruin the whole thing, and I though that HD video is the ultimate king.


No, I am not ditching blogging as writing is something I enjoy and did/do for over 15 years even though I never called myself a writer. The gaming channel is something I always wanted to do to reach bigger audiences and more personal touch as opposite to blogging.  Yes blogging is still king when it comes to info and what not so its not going anywhere anytime soon.

So what have you all been up to these days?

Violence and Gaming


Ever since Hatred was announced and shown things went south very quickly. Many stores, including Steam at once refused to carry the game and Twitch even made a clear statement that streaming AO games will not be allowed considering Hatred will most probably end up with an AO rating. What’s the deal?

Video games promote violence

Long before Hatred, many news and so called justice warriors claimed that video games make people go crazy and violent. Despite many studies that proofed else, these fanatics continue to fight gaming as if it was Satan’s gift to sinners.

The real question is; Why aren’t movies and music attacked as much? After all, hate rap songs can be heard in music stores across the world with violent movies following such as The Human Centipede and A Serbian Film.


To this day I haven’t heard a real answer to the above question so I just came to a conclusion that the media is simply attacking gaming because it is considered the newts form of entertainment.
Blame the new guy for everything even though gaming is not so new by now and countless studies suggest that gaming makes a heather mind behavior.

Of course idiots make it worse by gaming for 3 days non stop, dying and ruining gaming for everyone. Despite the few, this should not be held against gaming as idiots do idiotic stuff every day like drinking water to death or jumping of a building.

What I’m trying to say is; don’t blame gaming for someones mental condition. Playing a war board game does not make me a commander and playing a video game does not make me a criminal.

Have a lovely day.

Is gaming a eSport?


This question brings back memories of people arguing that Extreme Sports are not real sports. Doing aggressive rollerblading I know what it feels like to start from nothing and work your way up with practice, gaining skill and getting better everyday so why is it exactly not a real sport considering I actually exercise?

Low Quality pic

After thinking for a while I came to the conclusion that any competitive activity that involves skill, training and competition can be considered a sport. Why must it be a ball game for it to be recognized and considered a sport? Now comes the important question: Can gaming be considered an eSport? Of course, here is why:

  • Its a skill and training thing

You work your way from nothing to the top by hard work, training and learning especially in competitive games like Counter Strike. If gaming was easy then everyone would have been a pro.

  • Its Competition

Playing against another human is tricky. Unlikely the predictable AI, humans can adapt and learn on the fly learning more of your gaming style and counter it with practice.

  • Its called eSport for a reason

eSports stands for electronic sports and that’s exactly what competitive gaming is about. You compete electronically. Who made the rule that a sport needs to involve your body physically?

People keep giving chess layers hard time cause its not a real sport but if you ask me it takes more practice and strategy than soccer, sorry but its true. Anything that involves the above mentioned points should be considered sport in my opinion. The world is constantly evolving and so should our thoughts. We need more sports and entertainment not less.

And to the idiot Colin Cowherd who apparently have a grudge with gaming; Its not our fault that your stuck in stone age era with debunked stereotypes about gaming. I for one welcome the idea that idiots like you should do us all a favorite and quit. Not liking something is one thing, being an ignorant idiot is another.

Simpsons skins are coming to Minecraft


I think we are starting to see how Microsoft will start benefiting from the huge Minecraft purchase and the first downloadable skins are here. For only $1.99 you will receive The Simpsons skin pack on Xbox One with Xbox 360 around feb. The rest of the platforms will surly follow although I am surprised this isn’t on the PC yet.

While this is in no way a big thing, I honestly like it as it gives some colors to an already great game. Lets just hope they wont overdo it.

New Steam Controller design appears in the latest Steam beta

steamThe latest Steam controller concept update was discovered in the new Steam client beta. While I’m not nig on this controller concept to be honest or even the upcoming Steam OS which is basically a Linux distro; this is good for competition and ideas.

The controller itself looks decent, nothing special but has the Steam feel into it. I need to hold it and game with it for sometime to give final judgment but I’m happy that someone is making something new in tech and gaming. Your thoughts?

Pokemon goes V.R using Oculus Rift

pokemon_vrA dream come true for old school Nintendo and Pokemon fans. Pokemon has gone VR. Well not really but this test created by a developer using a motion control and Oculus Rift.

How do I personally feel? I don’t know. Sure it’s cool to be using VR in games but are we there yet? And the most important question; Will this be the next 3D? I remember the craze that came along with the new 3D technology, I my self own a 3D TV and I am yet to test it. Truth is, no body cares any more. The hype shifted to the smart TV which is basically running android on your TV. And with the whole Facebook, Oculus Rift deal things can go south.

I’m not saying this is the next gimmick but I also not sold that this is the future. Just like flying cars, this is just something we are not yet ready to do. Concentrate on making Great games > This VR thing.

I just don’t want this to be the next Wii controller. Doing VR for the sake of VR. Concentrate on making great games and when if Oculus Rift becomes mainstream then and only then jump on the train. Now I realize that no official statement or support been made regarding this but I feel like developers will take note and try to early adopt for the sake of adoption.

I said it twice, I will take great games over new gimiks any day.

The Evil Within Ending Theory

The_Evil_WithinSpoiler Alert: Ending Discussion

The Evil Within’s ending is as confusing as it gets. At first all is good and simple until you realize that things are not what they seem. Lets debug it together:

Sebastian defeats Ruvik smashing his brain and wakes up from the nightmare. He then notice that everyone connected to Ruvik’s head was dead. Sebastian walks out with cops all over the place with Leslie the only survivor walking in the distance. All clear right? Wrong.

It is obvious that the game starts AFTER Sebastian was abducted -as seen by his missing photo in New Game+- and inserted into the Ruvik’s world. The supernatural things as seen through the surveillance camera is not real. Ruvik has no power in the real world.

Now before the final boss fight Ruvik finally catches Leslie and melts him presumably taking over his body in the real life. This theory explains the way Leslie walks as opposite how he used to. In short, many think that Leslie is controlled by Ruvik.

The problem with this theory is that:

  1. Why was Sebastian still having the noise headache in the real world after waking up as when he was looked up?
  2. How did Leslie disappear in seconds, let alone walkout unquestioned or stopped in front of all the cops?

My theory after searching the internet and reanalyzing is that you never leave the nightmare world. As Kidman said, nobody can ever leave. That explains the headache and the way Leslie disappeared. Its a Matrix inside a Matrix theory. Another thing to add is that before you wake up the hospital was very clean and tidy then looks deserted and broken down when you wake up.

This is the only theory that makes sense in my opinion unless we start arguing that Ruvik carried over his power into the real world which in my opinion will totally break the story. The future DLC will hopefully answer this and more like:

  1. What was the purpose of Ruvik mahcine?
  2. Why did the organization want Ruvik dead?
  3. Why send in everyone?
  4. What is this organization?

Speaking for myself; I did not like the story that much. I hate the “It was just a dream” thing in movies and games so I never was big on this game’s story. The thing that made this story kinda different is that the dream world is somehow connected to realty so not all was wasted.

Anyway, that was my take on the ending. Feel free to share your own theory in the comment section.